I am 19, f. I was born in Philippines

I am 19, f. I was born in Philippines and lived there till I was 12 when my parents divorced. Mom is filipina, my dad is caucasian. Dad got a job offer in the US and mom didn't want to leave so that was one reason they divorced. I decided to move with my dad.

We first moved into a condo while our house was being built. That lasted almost 2 years and things were pretty normal, but a few months before we moved to the house it kinda started to change. We talked a lot and got along really well. and because I asked he told me a lot of stories about my mom like how they really met (she told me he met her in a store...she really worked in a bar), and how she cheated on him a couple of times. Mom didn't call me much and wasn't around most times when I tried to call her so by the time we moved to the house we pretty much stopped talking.

Moving to the new house meant I had to change schools again and the new school wasn't big since we where we now live is kind of rural. I liked where we lived because its usually hot which I like and we have this really big yard that looks even bigger because the land behind us is a national forrest so we pretend like thats ours too....though it really isn't, but I hated the school and most of the kids were not very nice to me. For the rest of my highschool time I had maybe two friends and even they were not so close, but we hung out because no one else hung out with us. I was the only asian.

My dad works from home but travels a few days a week usually and sometimes stays overnight away and it didn't take long...starting at the condo... that I guess I was seeking some more attention and he was the one that was easiest for me to get attention from. I sometimes played dumb to ask him questions or ask his help to get his attention but...since this is a confession board...I would start doing other thinsg at times because those other things got the best reactions from him.

It was by accident the first time he saw me almost nude in the condo though in the Philippines it wasn't that unusual to not wear so many clothes and even after he explained to me the cultural differences between there and here... I admit after that I started doing it on purpose and even kind of flirting with him. By the time we moved to the condo I think he knew I was doing it on purpose though he tried to act as if everything was 'normal' and never let it go too far.

About 2 weeks after moving into the hosue I had to get him to sign a thing for school asking his permission to teach s** education at school or I could go to studyhall if parents didn't want the school to do it. I kinda tricked him and he signed me for the study hall.

About a week after that I asked him how to use a razor so I could shave my legs. My legs didn't need shaving but 'I wanted to know how' when they did need shaving. Nothing sexual happened that night but ...it was close. Twice I sorta reached to touch his tented pants...but all in a kinda joking mode the whole night he stopped me saying I had no idea what I was doing.

A few days after that we were watching tv together at night both on the couch. The 1st and 2nd time I put my hand on his thigh he pulled my hand away telling me to stop it. The 3rd time he just said stop it again but did not move my hand away.

For the next hour all he said to me was...stop it...you don't know what you are doing...we shouldn't. I didn't stop. I did sorta know what I was doing, and maybe we shouldn't have, but we did.

I still live with him, in fact I am like hi soffice manager for his job. I no longer even pretend to keep my own room anymore.


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  • yeah let ur dad stick his p**** in u, we know u want and tape it and put it on a website

  • have s** with you dad

  • You should soooooooooooooo definitely let your dad f*** you up the ass and tape it !

  • i am a filipino like you. what you are doing will destroy you both. stop it now. move away if you must.

  • i dont blame him.

  • Well.u can never blame him for what happened.EVER.

  • save a lot of money for all the therapy you are going to need later on.

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