People talk too much

People are constantly jumping to conclusions, so there's this girl that I recently started being friends with, we have a friend in common that brought us together and we kinda just clicked pretty well, Idk abt her or what she thinks but I have absolutely no romantic feelings for her I just see her as a close friend, and this other girl, ig you could call her a sorta friend, she jokingly asked "is this your girlfriend" teasing me, I gave her a look and told her no, they started saying dumb stuff like "I ship it" and it was a pretty crowded room so there's a lot of people who could have heard stuff. a few hours later I got home and my other friend asked me if i liked her, I explained to her I wanted to be nothing more than friends but I asked her where she got the idea of that, she told me she heard someone say that I did in the hallway but she "didn't catch who", now I think she just doesnt want to start any issues between me and that person but still

Jan 28, 2022

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