My 1st Time with a girl

Her name was Carol, I knew her from grade school and I really liked her enough to say I had a crush on her after all I was only 7 at the time, so was she. Then one day at the school's playground we sorta made a date she said she really wanted to show me something very special.

To where we met up was just outside a grove of trees, it lay sorta in between our homes and it was the perfect spot. After all once you got not in that deep inside that grove no one could see whatever you were doing. Once we arrived she then stopped and turned to me saying, "This is the perfect spot.
Next thing I knew she was taking off her clothes.

Finally just down to her panties, "I expect the same from you". That was when she finally took those off as well. I still recall her saying 'what do you think'. I then took a twig and touched her, above her slit of course. Finally she said I could touch her with my hand if I show her mine. Naturally I was a bit hesitant until she started to unbutton my shirt, a short time later I was
just down to my briefs. I knew she was interested in seeing what I had by the way she hand her hands along my waist band, I finally agreed and the next thing I knew I was just as naked as she was.

We stood there staring at each other when She asked me, "Does it get stiff", I said what that was when she then touched my c***. after I said I did not know, she then tugged on my c*** twice, after nothing happened. How could it I was still just a kid, finally i did touched her.

That was when she went in to great detail about a s** act she witnessed between her jailbait teenage sister and one of her countless boyfriends. she stopped only take a p***, i honestly found it interesting.

If this day couldn't get any stranger She openly wondered if I could figure out a way to get a stiff c***. when i asked why, it turns out she wanted to know why her sister loved s** so much, and if she did it with a guy she might understand. When I then told her I'll figure out something that is when she suggested running in the nude. I was honestly afraid someone was going to take my clothes, and I be stuck there naked. Worse yet I really get
it from my mother if that happened.

I then made some excuse that my mother wanted me home soon, which as it turned out was a good thing by the time I got my briefs back on her older sister showed up. I still remember her saying 'that's him'. Given her sisters bad rep i felt that was a good thing.

we did talk about what she wanted to do later, as she was getting more impatient.

Much later i figured out how to make my c*** stuff. Let's just say it involved tape and popsicle stick. But when she insisted that her sister supervise. I felt that was too weird and told her so, i wanted to be alone with her and offered only to do it if her sister wasn't anywhere around. I even offered to do it in my room. but she still insisted that her sister be there.

Nothing ever came of it, Carol didn't even talk to me after her sister was arrested by the cops on a burglary charge.

Oct 29

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