Poke my eyes out!

I was a typical teenage girl, not a perv. All grown up now. But like other kids there were embarrassing moments growing up. Like other kids (I am sure) I walked in on my dad naked in the bathroom. Or caught my parents having s**.
Well I have the mother of stories that I have never been able to unsee!
When I was 16 I was supposed to stay the night at a friends house. Well us teenage girls got into a spat so I came home. It was sorta late so i figured mom and dad were in bed. As I walked down the hall their door was open, I could hear them and I was sure they were having s**. I figured they were too busy to see me slip past their door. I took of my shoes and tried to be quiet. As I got to their door I froze and nearly passed out. Dad was on the bed on all fours. Mom was behind f****** him in the ass with a strap on! I bolted to my room and tried to forget. I should have took up drinking that night!
Anyone else got any funny family stories?

Feb 12, 2022

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  • I posted something on here a long time ago about finding VHS tapes in my deceased mothers closet. When I checked one out it was my mom, dad and my uncle having a 3sum. Yes my mother was having s** with her own brother on film!

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