I have a strange fetish. I like to m********* onto slices of BOILED HAM. It all started when i was a teenager reading a dirty book where it described her v***** as two slices of boiled ham rolled up. This has stuck in my mind ever since. I suppose it's because boiled ham is pink and wet like a v*****. I've never dared ask any of my lady friends to w*** me off onto ham because i'm scared of what they might think but i wish someone would. What do you folks think about this and is there anybody else got the same fetish.?? Thanks for reading.

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  • Hmm, I feel that way about royals. I think they all are on drugs. how can the queen find poking a tongue charming? someone should try it at her see if she thinks its so cute at the queen and at meghan the dirty tongue poker making a mockery of the royals. its disgusting that this t*** is breaking down the morals of what should be seen. but there is more yet to be seen with the royals cuz people here hate them. they are destroying all the queen built up in their family in the last 2 generations so I guess it won't matter if harry goes a step further with a nig wife pre-married pre-used woman who will only leave him for a younger rod later, when she has worked out there is nothing for her to get out of the royals and he is so boring and old. I actually doubt they should have babies but if they do they are going to be ugly. its a complete misconception people have that nigs and whites produce beauty kids. whoever came up with that is nuts. I bet they have fetish and dirt stories waiting to be published. we all want to hear their dirty laundry . It is nice hearing others s*** and naughtiness and seeing them being naughty and cooed and gagaed at.

  • Large cukecumbers work pretty good too.

  • I love that s***! I work in a restaurant and I'm dropped a load in the mayo when a hot chick has ordered a ham sandwich. I've done this about 30 times and it still gives me a woody every time I think about it.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer, is that you?

  • Who's he

  • First off, I am not judging you.
    Second, Masturbating is not good. It's actually really bad and can mess things up for you when you get married. So it's story time, kay? : There's this guy, my parents know, and he used to m********* all the time, and when he got married his wife couldn't please him the way that he could please himself. He actually thought his hand was 'sexy'. Are you hearing this? Look at your hand right now. . . is that 'sexy' to you?? Now maybe you'll get to the point were you think that boiled ham is 'sexy' or whatever. This has the ability to mess things up for you when you get married. I will be very hard to stop. . trust me. I used to m********* and it took a lot of will power to stop. If you can't stop by yourself, get an accountability partner to hold you accountable.

    I hope things work out for you bro.

  • I've been married 30 years. I still enjoy masturbating though

  • U r screwed up pretty bad

  • Don't make me make you eat one of my ham sandwiches.

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