I have a weird fetish

I've seen on here that people have a stomach, belly fetish, I have to confess too that I have this fetish for cpr, anybody that are into the same similar interest.

Oct 6, 2015

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  • I’ve also got a cpr fetish haha

  • I have a fetish for pregnant tummies, my favorite pregnancy stage is when the pregnant belly starts to happen, in 'strange catagory' 'mom's tummy' there's something about that.

  • There are some pregnant mother son replies and comments on naughtyposts, they are very sexually arousing

  • I like to sit astride women's stomachs. I find it really erotic. I am looking for a willing lady to help me with this fetish. I'm from the north of England.

  • When I was a boy, my older teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach a good inch to two inches deep. She often did this openly right out in front of our family, and it was secretly affecting me in ways nobody (including probably her) ever recognized. But nobody ever thought anything of it, in fact they usually paid no attention to the peculiar way she was holding my stomach in.

    This led to me getting my babysitter to hold me on her lap the same way, only with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach much, MUCH tighter. So tight it felt like she was going to snap me in two. She was a big brawny farmgirl, and I think she found this a simple way to keep me entertained, and keep me held silent and still whenever she was watching TV. I loved it, though I know I would have died if anyone else had ever seen the strange way she always held my stomach back in so excruciatingly tight, lol!

  • I have the same interest.

  • I sometimes like to imagine that I am the CPR dummy.

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