In school EVERYONE thinks I'm evil. I'm quiet, wear black clothing everyday, and am always alone. Recently some gay guy publicly started insulting me. In return I made some REALLY MEAN things to him, and sent him off crying. Now EVERYONE calls me "Spawn of the Devil" and a demon. Even the girl I liked hates me.... Am I evil?

Feb 27, 2013

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  • Yes! You are the F****** ANTICHRIST!!! How could you even think of talking down to ANYONE!!! AND THAT GAY PERSON DID NOT DESERVE IT ONE BIT! Show some f****** respect you F****** BASTERED!!! I hope you go die in a very dark, cold, and lonely pit!

  • I hope this is a joke because I am laughing so hard. I mean he is the antichrist because he wears black clothes and he don't talk? Oh good god, xD. You know that when I play guitar on stage I don't often sing and I wear black clothes too?

  • No, you are not evil at all. There are alot of people that wear black and are often alone. Also like others say about that Gay guy deserving what he got from you is true. I too wear dark clothing and have been bolth alone and the most popular kid in school. I was honestly more happy being alone.

  • You're not evil, but unfortunately you're part of a society that sees quiet people as evil.

  • No, you're not. I'm a lot like you. I'm almost always in black clothes, and alone. I never speak to anyone unless I'm about to slap them square across the face.
    If someone was insulting you, they deserved to have it backfire. And if the girl you like hates you, she isn't worth the time. Just ignore them. The time will pass.

  • No. He deserved it. If he was being a douche, and he couldn't take the heat, it was his fault for going in the kitchen in the first place. Also, wearing dark clothes and being alone isn't evil. I mean, to a diehard fundamentalist Christian, a 60 year old, or both, then it is, but to a sensible person, it isn't.

  • No..

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