I am a psychopath and I am tired of hiding my true self

I am tired of pretending to be a neurotypical. Everyone already knows I'm wierd, but everyone thinks I am super nice, but I am, but I'm kind of psycho secretly

I want everyone to die because you all have crushed me, and put me down, but yet I still help people in need

I hate almost everyone, because human nature is to be an a****** and fight for reproduction, yet I still am friendly and ask people how their day is in a genuine way


I am afraid that if I be myself, everyone will hate me for being a delusional violent psycho, but I have been hiding for 3 years now and I don't know who I am anymore.

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  • From what you've posted, you sound more confused than psychotic. Like another person said, knock off with the self-diagnosing and get with someone who knows what they're talking about.

  • I've just had some mackerel fillets,b***** delicious.

  • I just hate you for talking too much.

  • I think maybe you just have a borderline personality disorder. You shouldn't self diagnose, nor take my diagnoses as I am not a mental health expert. See a doctor.

  • Be yourself. As ling as you don't kills animals and people.

  • Long, not ling

  • Are you Chinese?

  • Are you Chinese or American

  • Stop being a daft stereotype

  • Everyone is nuts in their own thoughts

  • ^Truth... srsly

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