I hate myself

Everyone thinks I'm so together but I'm not. I can't stand the way I look, my personality, who I am. I always wanted to be someone else. Why am I the way I am? All I ever wanted was to be normal. I'm not asking to be rich. I just want to be normal. Average. Everything that is so easy and simple for everyone else is so hard for me. I feel really guilty feeling this way. I know others are much worse off. But I'm so alone.

Apr 12, 2012

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  • i'm sadly in the same boat friend

  • Sorry to hear it. Welcome on board the boat of misery friend.

  • I feel the exact same way and I'm very sorry. Forgive me for saying, its nice to know I'm not alone.

  • Misery loves company. I'm sorry you feel the same way because I would never wish it one anyone. However, as you said, its nice knowing I'm not alone either.

  • Don't feel that way. There are many people that feel the same way. I feel the same way but I can choose not to feel that way on a day to day basis; or I can let my self pity consume me. Some days are harder than others and it's only because I choose to let it affect me. Don't choose to let it affect you. So you're different; that's not a bad thing. That just means that you have something that others don't have. Be happy with that. If you're happy with who you are then people will see that and respect it.

  • Thanks I wish it were that easy. It's hard to accept myself when I can't stand the look of my face in the mirror. I am so jealous of everyone else. I just feel so inferior to everyone. I know I can't change who I am so I guess somehow I'll have to learn to live with it.

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