I don't get it...

I'm a guy, and I don't get other guys who are obsessed with a*** s**... I mean just the thought of it grosses me out... It's like "Dude, do you realize that like an hour ago the girl was taking a crap?" It's like do you really want that all over you d***? I mean come on... the girl doesn't even like it... and then you make her blow you... and then you KISS HER?! What the heck... do you like the taste of t*** or something.... seriously... it's disgusting.

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  • I love a***. If everything is clean it's great. R****** girls is good too. Not all of them, but if it looks lickable then I do it. To each there own. You don't like it, so don't do it. Those of us who do however don't need your condemnation.

  • I have a friend who's obsessed with licking girls' a*******, and a***. I can honestly say I don't get the extreme obsession

  • I can beat that. I have a friend who likes women to p*** on his face.

  • It sounds like you just enjoy vanilla s**. I suggest you find a vanilla partner or else she will get bored over time. You must be the type to only enjoy missionary style. Do you watch p***?? We enjoy a*** s** and ass-to-mouth because we like variety. Also I like to dominate my partner in all possible way.

  • Yuck. Sickos!

  • I am female. Wish more men felt like YOU do. And they would quit bugging women to f*** their a****.

  • I'm a man and to me it sounds sick to want a woman that way, and I would imagine it would be uncomfortable for the woman.

  • You may not like a*** s**, but you sound a***. Hope that helps. Yours in Christ - Mikey

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