there is still a part of me that

there is still a part of me that believes the things you said.

there is still a part of me that believes i am fat.

there is a part of me that will carry Ana around with me forever.

there is a part of me that desparately wants someone, anyone to notice how great i could be.

there is a part of me that fears the future
i cover things up.
haven't you ever wondered why i am always so "happy"?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Learn to be independent, strong, and love yourself. You'll be a lot happier that way!

  • you have to learn to love yourself, and to want and think good things for yourself first. there's no guarantee that another person can or will do it for you.

    if you are Anorexic, please get help. Talk to an expert. You need a support system to help you through. But first, know that you are worthy of getting better and deserve to be happy and healthy.

  • Oh, you're great!
    You don't even know how great you can be. You could move mountains. Youu are able of creating world peace, just one step at the time.
    If you only stoped being "happy" and started to be really straightforward to people.
    Straightforward and asking for support on fulfilling your lifechanging idea's. What are you waiting for? Things can only get better!

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