It hurts..

I say that I'm fine, and that I forgive you for what you did to me. Part of me is happy I had the abortion, but part of me wants to kill myself everyday. Every time I see a happy child, I think of our child who will never smile, never hug me or call me mom, never even know what life is. I did it for you, to spare your future, but every day I know you are wasting away your brilliant future.

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  • There are a lot of ppl out there who feel that abortion is wrong and agaisnt god and blablabla... BUT
    Sometimes, most times, its done out of love. A choice made by a parent who lovingly puts their sweet, pure, often flawed child , (im talking trisomy 13, HLHS, nueral tube defects - any life threatening condition babies are born with), to an eternal rest, not to deprive them of the life they were promised, but to save them from the pain, suffering, surgeries, hospital visits, needles, pills, more hospital visits - all for the "lesser quality of life at the back of the pack" as the doctors had promised. And yes it hurts. It hurts us so much, but i am thankful that i saved my baby from so much pain and a life full of misery that i am willing to take any of that misery for myself. its bittersweet, and only another parent making the same decision for their child would understand. i hope you find peace <3

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