How do you spend so much money?

So, my household got our taxes back a while ago. Around 5,800 dollars. Now, with about 2,000 on top of that, that's nearly 8,000 dollars. Tell me how, in your right mind, do you spend every single penny, in about 45 days? How? I really just.. HOW? My Mother's only excuse is: "I'm not good with money". I was already worried when we spent about 800 dollars at a Sam's Club and had about 2,000 left. I tell her I'm worried that we've already spent so much money, and she just says: "Have some faith." Now, she's religious, so I don't know what she meant by that. Maybe she was telling me how god will make it all better, or she was telling me to trust her. I just.. my mind is blown. I'm not even that mad. Just, dumbfounded. Hopefully my Dad can pull through. We were planning to use some of that money to move out of "Small-Redneck-Jobless Town, USA", but that is obviously gonna be much harder, now.
Also, if you're curious, I'm 17. Not 12 or something.

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  • I share your concern, money is hard to come by without blowing it all. You are a wise 17 year old.

  • You're 17 yrs old. You obviously don't understand how quickly money goes. Until you have your own job, you have no right to judge your parents on how quickly money is spent. My daughter used to think the same thing until she had her own job and own money...NOW she understands.

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