In love with a lie...?

I put this under s** because that for all I can figure is the real limfac in this whole thing. So I was recently deployed and during my deployment my now x decided to become a complete w****. Beyond that she let her multiple partners stay at our place (she had no job I payed for everything, so my place) and had plenty of random guys and girls from bars join in. So needless to say we decided to end things. Well being separated (with zero chance of reconciliation) I joined an online dating sight. I met this girl and we hit it off like crazy. I could not wait to talk to her after every mission and she seemed just as eager to talk to me. Well after getting back and her refusing to meet I come to find out she is under age. We still talk. I have never felt quite like this about anyone and would be totally willing to wait until she is 18( she is 15) but I will be restationed by then and don't know that it would be any easier. I've never actually wanted someone under age before (fyi the age difference is large enough but not unheard of or discussing) and certainly never thought I would ever consider acting on any but she has captivated me (not even just sexually although that attraction is undeniable it is not primary). It's a hard situation, and although i have always believed in fallowing your heart this situation has well...left me dumbfounded enough to ask the opinion of complete strangers. What's "right" here? Should I turn my back on it all for the greater good? Or hope love overcomes?

Mar 2, 2013

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  • When I was 16, I met a wonderful girl who was 12. She looked older, being fully developed, but out of respect for her age, I never touched her. Maybe out of frustration with me, she met another guy and ran off and got married at 15 1/2. That marriage was anulled, and she met another guy, got married again and had 4 girls. We have stayed friends for over 55 years and regularly correspond. I have told her how I felt love for her but was unable to express it at age 16 or later. She responded telling me she always loved me too. We just started too early.
    My recommendation is keep up the relationship but keep your distance. She will grow up and maybe stay in your life forever. My wife and I are 12 years apart, but have been married for 44 years. So don't give up hope...

  • Talking will eventually lead to feelings, feelings will eventually lead to desire. Desire will eventually lead to, well, you get the picture. Up to you but as a talky-talky getting to know meet-up thing the after effects will be catastrophic. Hope you're not in the military if you were to desist to be in her physical presence.

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