Complete list of my sexual failures

(All names have been changed)

It all started in 6th grade. This girl Alyssa really liked me. She would compliment me every day and gaze at me and all that s***. I was very shy and not confident at all. I never asked her out or anything because I was too scared (even though it was a sure thing. Middle school came and some kid came in and got her, she forgot all about me.
7th grade, this girl Cassy was kinda into me. We would talk during class and you we really got along. I wound up never doing anything with her and we became friends for the next few years.
8th-10th grade.This new girl Ashley. She was absolutely gorgeous. She would always greet me happily and exited. She would always initiate conversation with me. She tried getting my attention at times like when she got her belly button pierced and played with it in front of me. Then freshman year, more of the same from her. She even ran up to me and hugged me once and I panicked and gave her a pat on the back bro hug back. Junior year she walked up to me in gym awkwardly and her friend ran up and pushed her towards me. Also when my friends learned that I liked her they took me to her and walked away just leaving the two of us in an awkward situation. It got so awkward that I just walked away unannounced. She really liked me and I know that we would've lost our virginities to each other.
8th grade this cute girl Crystal was into me. I acted like a d*** and that turned her off
10th grade. This girl Amanda was crazy about me. She would call my name and make hearts with her hand at me, blow kisses, and tell me she loves me. Oh man she was a sure thing. I worked up enough courage to go to her locker and talk to her but when it came time to ask her out I quickly changed the subject to something class related.
I'm a 19 year old virgin right now and I cringe at these stories. They are all 100% true and I f****** hate my life.

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  • Get over yourself. You're only nineteen. At least, you didn't go to Vietnam and died there. Google the song, Nineteen. One thing your narrative points out is that you are human and attractive. The next time a female of your liking shows some interest step up your game, stand with your feet firm on the floor, tell yourself that YOU WILL not flake on yourself and ask the girl out. Bit by bit your streak will be a forgotten memory.

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