Wanting more and more and more

I'm a 43mwf with two kids, and my wonderful husband has always given me everything I need in life. Everything, that is, except one critical thing. The most important thing. Good s**. So, after 19 years of marriage, I started dating another man on the sly last summer. A black man. At first, it was just a fling. Then, it became an affair. And now, it's a serious, serious relationship. I want my black stud more than anything in my life, and I even want to give him a child. And he wants that, too. We lay in bed together sometimes and talk about him impregnating me, and about the baby we would have, and how incredibly sexy it is for interracial couples to mate and intentionally have babies. Now, I not only ache for my black man and his HUMUNGOUS black c***, and want more of that d*** every day, but I actually ache for his baby and want more and more to give it to him and to carry it in me with everyone thinking it's my husband's child . . . until it pops out of me. I ache for that, and it makes me wet. My best girlfriend (who knows my black lover) says that proves what a w**** I am. Maybe she's right, but it feels good to be a w**** for my black man.

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  • Forget that crap. What you need is a good f****** by a woman with a strap on. And I'm woman enough to give it to you. Kisses, Bertha.

  • It's so odd that you mention that. I have actually often thought about being in a relationship with another woman, outside my marriage. I would never let me husband know, because he's so anti-lesbian and anti-bi. But I tried being with women before we got married, and I didn't like it. I had brief relationships with three different women (or girl, in one case), but I didn't like it. Each time, I was expected to be the one in control of the relationship AND in control of the s**, and that was so totally NOT what I went looking for. So, I think if I had an affair with a really strong, forceful, dominating woman (as long as she was still very femme), that might be exactly what I needed. And the way you TOLD me what I need makes me think you would be that kind of woman, if you ever had an affair with another female. Very interesting thought.........

  • ....and then last night I fantasized about it while I was taking a bath after hubby and the kids had gone to bed. The woman was strong and demanding and dominating. And she wore a strap-on. And she wore me out. And do you know what her name was? "Bertha".

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