Teenager help please!!

Hey, I would just like some serious real advice. I'm 15 and and im a male.I always think I'm addicted to p***/s** whatever. I always am looking at celebrities on tv, girls in school. They always seem to be there. I mean, it's uncontrollable and I worry about it. Please offer some free advice :)

Mar 4, 2013

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  • Your Hormones are raging, and that's it. I remember being your age, and trust me, as bad as you are--I was nothing short of stark raving pervert back then at your age--like something out of some bad teenie 80's movie. And whereas you mention the easy access of celebrities, etc, true--far too much is based on s** in our disgusting culture, but you can limit it by limiting your access to it. If you don't and it continues to get worse, just remember that you could not only find yourself in a bad situation, but an illegal one, too. And that's trouble not even to your d***'s seemingly great relief will ever seem worth it afterwards. It never is. How in the world I ever even survived the stupid crap I used to pull back then--good god, I'm amazed I don't have kids by multiple women and venereal diseases that don't leave me practically glowing in the dark when my pants are down. Learn self-control and keep your wits about you. At all times. It WILL get better. Damn, now if someone had bothered to tell me that all those years ago maybe now I wouldn't be so ashamed of a past that seems so damn stupid even if it was so long ago. And good luck to you from a perfect stranger.

  • There's nothing wrong with anything you're doing. I'm 16 and a girl and I think about s** and masturbating everyday. It's just this constant want and need to be pleasured. Basically, just don't sleep around and be careless. Yeah you want to have fun, but think before you do. For me it sucks because I like older guys, like 20-30s, so I can't really have s** and enjoy it. So I'm pretty much just masturbating for pleasure.

  • Who said you can't have s** and enjoy it with older guys? you're a young woman with the normal and natural desire for older guys so don't cheat yourself out of one of lifes most wonderful pleasures, repress your human sexuality if you must but only if you feel you're not mature or ready enough but don't repress it because society looks down on it and says your to young to be with a man...

  • You're 15 and a male, that's just how it is. Your libido is going to be through the roof for a while.

  • Okay dude I got worst problems I'm 10 and I am having oral

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