I need advice. I am 13, and I am thinking about joining the military when I come of age... i'm nervous about this though and would like some advice. please comment your opinions?

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  • Do your research e.g Military websites/RAF,Marines,Navy seals etc.Pop into a Army recruitment office and speak to an army advisor.If you know anyone whose in the military,gain advice from them.
    Prepare yourself in advance,in order to meet the; qualification and fitness requirements.If entry for most roles is 16,then you have plenty if time.
    Maybe enrol on self defense,krav Maga,Martial Arts classes,if you haven't already and your parents can afford it.

    Ps I'm preparing to join the Royal Navy Military Police.

    Good luck!

  • Ps There are Military cadets for 14-16 year olds,within the British Army and so forth,if you reside in the UK.If you don't reside in the UK,seek info about youth cadets,in your local army.

  • B careful full of f......

  • When you go to HS see if they have a ROTC it gives you a chance to see what it's all about , it's pretty cool !

  • Talk to people who are in the military. Find out what kind of skills they want people to have. Also, each branch of the service has a slightly different 'culture'. Talking to people in the army, navy and air force can give you a sense if they're the kind of people you like to hang out with. And don't overlook the support services. The guys who build bridges or sweep for landmines are no less soldiers than anyone else in uniform.

  • I decided that I wanted to join the military when I was about 4, maybe 5 years old. Over the years it varied slightly on what exactly I wanted to do but I stayed committed to the idea. Yeah, yeah, sure, I never did end up being a pilot like Maverick or a RIO like Goose and I decided on the Navy over driving a tank or flying a helicopter in the Army, BUT the point is that I stuck to it and I joined the military...

    I went through college and did Navy OCS and am an Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy.

    The military is a VERY big place. You can find pretty much anything you want to do in it (officer or enlisted), but the thing is that first you have to decide that it is indeed what you want to do and THEN you need to decide what you want to do in it. What service are you looking at? What job do you want to do? Does it match up with the type of person you are, ect?

    Do your research and if you decide it is what you want to do then don't let anything hold you back.

  • You're 13. You might think you know what you want, but you really don't know what you want.
    My son is just a bit younger than you.

    He wants to go to West Point. I'll tell you what I told him "they don't want your application right now, so you've got plenty of time to figure it out."

    You're 13. Find a Boy Scout troop in your area that will allow you to do a lot of great outdoor things and learn real skills. When you're older, then think about what's right for you.

  • Not all thirteen year olds,are the same.
    Please don't presume,that a thirteen year old,doesn't know what they want.
    Not every adult,knows what they want.
    Never presume things and make assumptions.

  • I'm a girl..

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