Thanks Anon, just what I've always wanted: advice from someone so far removed from my situation that their advice makes no sense in context. All I want is your useless advice, because God knows I didn't confess my deepest secrets to you just so you could hear them instead of living your life in ignorance.

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  • I just love it when people bring drama to a confession site, then go apeshit when the complete strangers they're braying at don't cuddle their b**** the right way.

    If you're going to fling "taken out of context" crap into the crowd, you don't get to choose how the crowd plays with it.

  • But at some point you have to step back and say "I don't want to be dragged down with that person's despair.

    You DO listen to them and start caring too much. You DO see what they're saying and you know they're on a very unhealthy path in their minds and you want to divert them, if you can. But it can't be healthy to become too emotionally attached to some anonymous person's problems. But you do and you do what a caring person should do and try to help. You try to offer some alternative thinking and perspective while avoiding reinforcing their own miserable views of life.

    But you keep in the back of your mind that the anonymous person may be a fabrication from someone's twisted mind. Nobody likes to be jerked around, especially when they become invested in some weird way in that faceless person.

    So, understanding and caring about your problems comes at a price. But still, what do you want? Of me?

  • Here's what you want: Poor you.

  • But don't you see what I'm saying at all? There are good reasons to share advice, but when all you're thinking about is giving advice I think it really changes your perspective about what your reading, and it becomes less about someone else's expirence and more about your own perspective. I got all caught up in responding to these posts and that's kind of what I've noticed.

  • I think you meant to say "you're reading" instead of "your reading." You must be so embarrassed! I'm sorry I had to be the one to point it out but your comment made no sense when you used the word your. Better luck next time!

  • :-)

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