How Do I Get Him Back?!

Me and my boyfriend of 3 plus years have been going through a rough patch lately, scratch that it's always been rough. We never get along but we stay because we love each other. Recently we got into a huge argument about him not coming to see me when he said he would. he's stood me up before and after calling him numerous times I finally got a hold of him and proceeded to cry and scream on the phone "why do you always do this to me?" we exchanged words and he said I was being a crybaby and I knew he had business to take care of. By this point I was livid and said "I should have cheated on you when I had the chance" and he said "what did you say?" and before I got the chance to respond he hung up. We've said things to hurt each other in the past and this was one of the things I said out of pure anger and hurt. I never have and never will cheat on him, but ever since he hung up he hasn't answered my calls, he's put me on block and ignored my texts. I want to make this right but I'm afraid I ruined our whole relationship with one stupid sentence. How do I make him understand that I never meant it. I love him and it kills me to think he actually believes I would cheat on him. If anything I think he's the one that has been cheating, but I have no proof. I just want some advice on how I can get him back or at least if he doesn't want anything to do with me how I can make him understand that I never did anything with anyone. So far I sent him texts saying I only said what I said out of anger and I'm sorry. Is that all I can do? Advice please. Be honest.

May 31, 2012

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  • Send him a dirty video, in which you make yourself squirm with o*****-overload and tell him you will do anything he wants.

    Then, dump him for being a c*** if he comes back.

    Then sleep with one of his mates, or his brother.

    Then add him to Facebook, and start an online relationship with an emo girl and write updates like, "I'm so glad I left that retarded ex boyfriend of mine, now instead of asking if he'd be OK with a threesome I can have this dirty emo b**** all to myself!"

    Make sure you tage his mates in it too.

  • Your relationship sounds incredibly unhealthy. Relationships are always work, but sounds like yours is a lot more work then it has to be. Are you really that happy with him? or do you stay because you're afraid to be alone? People say things that they don't mean all the time. Is it right? No, but it happens. You can't prove anything, just have to trust that he does trust you. All you can do is apologize. Give it some time for him to cool down. He knows you're available when he's ready to talk. But you both need to reassess what you both want and begin to work on your communication skills and work on trusting one another should you stay together.

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