Not sure how I feel about this.

My GF (22) and I (24) attended a party last night with a bunch of friends and...My GF became the main attraction, My best friends cousin was there, She is a smoke show and gay, Everyone is well aware that she is gay and she is a total party girl, Not even a little shy about being gay and flaunts it in front of guys as a F you. We were partying and his cousin was very obviously flirting with my GF and my friend told her she was straight and with me which I think made her more interested.
I kept asking my GF what she was saying to her everytime I walked away and she just giggled saying she was just being flirty and telling her how pretty she was, Well as the night went on my GF was getting drunker and my friend pointed out that the two were whispering and giggling a lot and I was kind of turned on by it so I started leaving the two of them alone a bit more. Somewhere around midnight I suggested we go home, She wanted to stay for a couple more drinks so we did and I think I am glad we did but not completely sure yet.
Things were dwindling down and there was maybe 6 or 7 of us left, My friend came into the kitchen and nudged me, He nodded toward the living room so I looked and my GF and his cousin were sitting face to face talking real close and his cousin had her hand on my GF's leg (She had a skirt on). We decided to leave them alone and just see what happened and she leaned in and whispered something to my GF making her blush, A couple people left right around that time leaving me and my GF, My friend and his cousin and my friends GF who isn't really friends with my GF but...Acquaintances lets say and to be honest she is new so I barely know her, My GF had looked around noticing it was just a few of us left and came to the kitchen.
My GF is very quiet and kind of shy and she was obviously a little flustered, She said we should go and I said "In a bit" telling her we were starting a round of shots, She joined in and did two and I don't know when or how it happened but I turned around and my GF and my friends cousin were kissing. My friend stood beside me and his GF was beside him. They were full on kissing, Tongue and all, Things happened so fast I didn't even have time to think about it before my GF was standing in my friends kitchen with no skirt in her th0ng and her chunk heeled shoes.
The three of us were standing there staring wide eyed and mouths open, Nothing like this had ever happened in our group of friends, One friend had his GF get caught by a couple people sucking off some random dude at a party but none of us were there and no one found out until after she broke up with my friend. My friends cousin led my GF by the hand into the livingroom and we all followed, My GF looked like a total p*** star walking like that, She has a tiny bubble bu++ and looked amazing in just her th0ng tank top and the heels. I didn't even notice her bra was gone until we got to the living room, My friends cousin walked to the couch, Grabbed my friend, Sat him down, Sat his GF beside him and me on the other side of her then she sat in the chair across from us and pulled my GF on top of her sitting on her lap and they started making out.
I was blown away, Never ever did I think my GF would do something like this and infront of other people was blowing my mind, The three of us sat awkwardly watching them and fianlly my friend lifted his hips, Dropped his pants and I watched his GF's face, Her eyes got huge and he put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her down, I couldn't see past her but she was very obviously sucking him off and he smiled and nodded at me. His cousin pulled my GF's tank top off and she still had her back to us but I got a little...I don't even know what the feeling was, I kind of wanted it to stop but also wanted it to keep going but not in front of my friend.
My friend got my attention for a second and pointed to his GF's a$$ which was obvioulsy pointing toward me, I put my hand on her back and started running my hand up and down her back and then unclipped her bra, She was all good with it and then I slid my hand up the front and she is a little bit...Not chubby but...Just kind of...Softer than my GF, She had a couple small rolls just from the way she was leaning and when I slid my hand up her shirt she sucked in then I slid my hand under her bra. I have never seen her b****, Ever, So when I cupped one in my hand I was a little surprised at how big they are, She didn't seem to mind so I kept feeling her up and watching my GF.
I had settled in again and it wasn't until my friends cousin slid her hand down, Hooked her finger in my GF's thong and pulled it to the side that I got a little unnerved again, My GF has a great rear view, She looks wonderful from behind but he has never seen her n@ked so it was a little weird but I looked at him and he was staring and looked impressed, When his cousin started rubbing my GF's starfish I knew the look on his face, I was still feeling his GF's b**** and he started breathing a little faster and then faster and grabbed her hair, She has a headful of big, Curly dark hair and he grabbed her hair, Held her head and grunted, She started moaning these squeaky little moans and I could hear her gulping, It was pretty hott.
His GF was sucking him dry and still going, He pulled her head back and said "Now him", She sat back and looked at me, She is cute, Big curly hair and actually she has really nice legs, My GF hadn't even so much as turned to look at us so I was like F yeah, I pulled my pants down and she grabbed my c***, My friend pulled her shirt over her head and I looked down, She has biggish b**** with big, Dark brown nips. She put her head down and started sucking me, I was scared about what was going to happen when my GF did finally look back but it was too late, She was full on sucking and my GF was busy with her thing.
My friends cousin leaned my GF forward so she was laying with her upper body on the arm of the big chair they were in, She grabbed her behind with both hands and got her positioned so we could all "See it all", Yeah her vag and bu++ hole were wide open, His cousin slid one hand under her and was spreading and fingering her, She had two fingers in her and one finger from the other hand rubbing her pink starfish and that was when she looked back. I can't describe the look on her face, I don't actually know what was going on in her mind but she looked right at my friends GF sucking me, By this point he had her on her knees and had her bottoms off, She rocks a full bush of curly dark hair also and he had her knees spread and was licking her.
My GF looked, Her eyes closed as she stretched forward and grunted then her eyes got wide and she took a deep breath and sighed, I had no idea what to expect but then she stood up and spun around, I think all of us got a tiny bit nervous and then she sat back down on my friends cousins lap. My GF watched us, Leaned back against her and my friends cousin spread my GF's legs and started fingering her again while she watched us, My friend stood up and walked up to them and I was like "Aaaahhhh, I don't know about this" (In my head of course), He pinched my GF's nip and she just looked down at his hand and then he stood up close to her and put his k*** close to her mouth.
I think she would have done it but his cousin reached out and grabbed his d!ck pulling it away from my GF and I thought "Hmmm, Ok" and she sent him back to where we were. He didn't even hesitate, He spit in his hand, Rubbed his k*** and shoved it in her from behind, She gasped, Lifted her head and looked at me, I grabbed her hair and pushed her head back down and we gave her what was apparently her first tag team, His cousin stood my GF up, Ripped her th0ng to the floor and sat her down, Flopped one leg over each arm of the chair and dove in. My friend couldn't see anything but his cousin and my GF from her stomach up and she is pretty flat chested, He pulled out, Walked over to his cousin and flipped her skirt up.
So...I was a little like "Uhhh, Ok, that's weird but..." His cousin looked back at us, Pulled her underwear down and dove back in, My friend and his cousin are both part native and have darker skin so from behind his cousin is something to see, Not much of a bu++ normally but in that position she looked great, She has a very nice brown pu$$y, Brown rear entrance and is completely bald, Like nothing, No hair, No stubble not even a trace of ever having had hair. My GF stared right at my friends GF sucking me and the look on her face was so weird, She looked angry, H0rny, Happy, Excited...I have no clue but I knew I was about to finish, I locked eyes with my GF and held my friends GF's head and blew my load so hard, She started gulping and couldn't keep up, I could feel it running everywhere and my GF moaned "Fu@k yes baby...Yessss" and she came holding my friends cousins head.
Me and her came together sitting six feet apart, So F'ed up but my friend was angry pounding his GF and his cousin sat at an agle to my GF holding her legs apart and just rubbing and touching her pu$$y while my friend watched them and he came hard in her and the three of us watched, I stood up and walked over, Kissed my GF and my friends cousin stood up, Fixed her underwear and everyone kind of got dressed and we all went and had a drink, I kept kissing my GF constantly and my friends cousin stayed super close to her, It kind of felt like a little power struggle and I wasn't liking it.
We had planned on staying the night so me and my GF went to bed, My GF didn't want to talk about getting ate out by one of the hottest girls ever so I just laid there staring at her as she slept.
We haven't really talked about it and I don't know what will happen when we do.........

Nov 23, 2020

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  • You should have f***** your friends girlfriend after letting her suck your d***. Maybe even f*** your gf from behind.

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