I'm Christian and my best friend is Atheist.

And I really don't see an issue. I hate how people go
off on her about how she's a heathen just because
of her beliefs! So what?! It's her life, let her do as she pleases!
I dislike alot of "Christians" who judge her for it and act holier
than thou. They forget that one of the main teachings in the bible is to not judge others because we all have our issues. I don't care, I'll stay by her side as long as she wants me there!

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  • I suggest reading the whole Bible. You will soon find that there is much more hatred than love within its pages.
    I'm glad your love for your friend is stronger than a book written by men who didn't know where the sun went at night.

  • Perhaps you should inform them that being a heathen meant living in the heath, only later was it taken as an affront to christianity.

  • I'm not sure, being an atheist myself, but I suspect your acceptance of another's religious beliefs or lack there of, makes you a heathen. Welcome to the club

  • All of us made judgement or decisions as life challenges demand of us. The Bible did not forbid making judgements. So judge rightly should be your attitude and hopefully your loving action will help bring sinners to true repentance.

  • You are rare in your thinking, most "christians" are, as you said judgmental with that ever loathsome "holier than thou" attitude... I can't stand them. Sometimes atheists and Christians can be friends or even date. I'm an atheist and my wife is christian, and we're awesome together. So, keep it up!

  • Yeah it teaches you to not judge others only when its not teaching you how to stone adulterers... to burn witches... to kill disobedient children... to sacrifice turtle doves for miracle heals... To listen to god precisely and with no questioning... To payfor the person you raped... To buy and sell slaves... To not be tolerable of any religious belief not your own but instead to slaughter anyone who disagrees with you... Sorry small rant but back on topic... Aside from when the bible is contradicting It's self and breaking all moral and scientific law its teaching you how to be a good person

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