People with bad acne, will have no hope in this life ever.

People with bad Zit's,or bad acne.will never be happy.they will never have pretty girlfriend's.or even have any good looking boyfriend's.they will be killed by their own bad acne.they will die without love in there live's.they will be made fun of all the time.being called a pizza face.being called bad name's.being rejected by pretty girl's all the time.people with bad Zit's or bad Acne will die.they will die.because there is nobody that can help them at all.

Mar 9, 2013

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  • Thats not true AT ALL. I dont have the best skin but im beautiful. Once you fall in love with someones personality, EVERYTHING about them becomes beautiful.

  • I'm not sure whether this is some sort of rant against people with acne, or you venting your trustrations at having acne yourself. Either way you're completely wrong.
    I had pretty severe acne ie my adoleecent years and thosevwere the days when i was very sexualy activevwith numerous aprtners. Now although I'm. consideree quite a good looking guy some girle can be put off b skin problems. But most girls arent thatvshallow, eepeciallybif you have a likeable personality. How do you think reallybugly people can still get hot girlfriends? Simple -when most girls are looking for a partner, its not all about looks.

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