Revenge on my dad,he will never live see his grandkid's.

I am a nice guy.But i do not ever want to have any kid's of my own.Why why why,you all ask.why don't you ever want to have kid's of your own.because i never had a nice father of my own.I am not Gay.I love pretty Women.But i never had s** with a pretty woman before.I never had s** ever in my life.that bad father of mine turned me into a mean guy.i am sooooo coldblooded and angry.that i don't ever want to have Children of my own.because i might be a bad father.I ahve decided to wait until my bad father is dead.And than i may plan to have Children of my own.And if my father is not dead soon.That is fine with me.I am not having Children with a Good pretty woman,while he is still alive.i am sorry.i may never have Kid's of my own.I had a bad father.I am not ever plan-ing to ever become a bad father.i may never become a father in my life ever.I am soooooo Angry and mad.but i have to let my Hate die.My hate for my father cannot die.Until he is i right or wrong.Please please please please please tell me what you all think about my bad childhood.should i wait until my bad father is dead.or should i risk being a bad father.because i am a bad father,when my bad father is still living.My hate cannot die.

Mar 6, 2013

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  • There can be many factors when deciding whether or not to have kids; your relationship with your father is just one. There are people who were raised well who are awful parents and vice versa.

    The main reason I Liked your post, though, was that you're putting actual THOUGHT into the matter! Far too many people don't go there, and even throw shade at those who dare to suggest such an "outrageous" concept. Our unthinking breeding is, ironically, going to be the death of us.

  • One very angry man here. I grew up w/out a dad - he was killed when I was 2 and I have the best relationship with my ten year old twin daughters EVER.

  • Good for you! I knew a convicted rapist who had a GREAT relationship with his dad. In fact, it was probably one of those dynamics where Golden Son could do no wrong. Lots of rapists are raised that way.

    Still feeling judgy there, champ?

  • I understand how you feel about your father, but if you want to have children, just remeber to do it when you are married! I believe that once you have children you wont be as anrgy as you say you are. Kids make everyone go soft. But if your father is still alive when you do have kids i would reccomend keeping them away from him if he hurt you, dont let him get to the kids too.
    Also You cant assume you would be a bad dad just because yours was, i would risk it, if you really wanted kids. I belive in you, you just got to believe i yourself. :)

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