I like to steal

I've been stealing ever since I was little, and I haven't yet been caught. Before anyone reports me to the police, it wasn't from shops. It was from my family, and when I was younger my sister confused me into taking some of the candies from the other kids' lunch boxes at school and she would eat them herself when I handed them over. I went to visit some relitives when I was five, and I remember clear as day. My sister and I saw some beautiful blue pebbles in a basket on one of the tables, and she told me to take a few. To re-assure me she took some.
Later in the car, our uncle pressed us about taking anything, and went as far as searching us, only he didn't search my sister, he just searched me. I protested when he found the pebbles, saying she'd taken stuff too, but she turned out all her pockets, and smirked. She'd put hers back so I would be in trouble.
Next time I stole, it was actually from a shop. My parents found it and made me put it back with an apoligy.
The next time, it was from the local swimming pool. I snuck behind the stand and opened a bag of chips, and ate them in the bathroom.
My recent stealings have been smaller, just food and drinks from the kitchen. But they're foods we don't get often, such as chocolate ice cream, soft drinks, and cooking chocolate.
I know better then to steal from other people now, and I'm DESPERATLY trying to break the habit, but something ticks inside me when someone in my family annoys me. I feel a need for revenge, and I take something small, like food or a coin from the wallet. Do I need mental help?

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