The neighborhood witnessed me being owned by a girl.

This was a long time the 80s. I had a girl who bullied me as I was a passive kid and she was tough and liked lots of attention. She would do things like call me names, mock me when I spoke, take my things at my desk at school....she pantsed me once at the public pool once during adult swim. She got others to pick at me, too. We were about the same height but she was bigger and wider. Overweight a little, but not extremely.

She lived three houses down. One fall during a neighborhood block party when she and I were 12, she pushed me onto the ground. Up to that point, I would brush myself off, laugh a little and then go onto what I was doing. This time, I charged after her and we wrestled then she started throwing me around. People were laughing at first and making their way over to stop it. The kids were all gathered around and watching and cheering her on. I tried punching and pushing but I didn't really know how to fight. She got on top of me and began punching me in the face, hard and a lot. She'd beaten me to a pulp. My nose was b*****, my lip was fat, and she'd broken my glasses. Her older sister pulled her off of me but by that time, I'd stopped struggling. I remember getting up as her sister helped me up and the other adults had gotten to where we were. When I saw the shock on my mom's face when she saw what my face looked like, I started bawling. Mom put her arm around my shoulder and took me home.

To this day, that was the worst fight I'd ever been in and it's still embarrassing to think about.

Dec 9, 2019

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