I was on vacation in Paris with my girlfriend for her birthday. We met up with a friend of hers for dinner. Afterwards we stumbled home quite drunk and she admitted that she used to 'date' her friend (a guy). I wasn't jealous until I asked her bluntly if they'd had s** and she said that they had. I was weirdly turned on by this new information so I asked more questions about it. She said that she'd actually had one night his friend came over and she ended up having s** with them both. I couldn't believe it. I asked her to tell me more and she said that it started innocently but that she ended up being spit roasted by them them on her bed. I stopped digging and we got naked and had s**. I came s hard. The next evening we met with her friend again. I was weirdly turned on all evening at the thought of what she'd told me. We went to a bar after. My gf went to the bathroom so I took the opportunity to ask him about the threesome. We ended up going back to our hotel room, undressing my gf and f****** her brains out. It was the rawest s** I've ever had. She sucked our c**** like a p*** star. Watching his fill her p**** with c** pushed me over the edge.

Oct 19, 2015

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