Ava Ryan is a tender little hottie

And I wish she'd make at least one sketch completely roasting me to the public. She'd have a lot to work with if we ever met-- I'm a fat, hairy dweeb who'd be too socially awkward to command the respect of even a little girl-- and she'd be BOUND to notice how I'd be staring at her the whole time. Haven't seen MUCH of her since she got a LITTLE older-- but she's still as hot as ever from what I have. I think I prefer her younger self in this fantasy though, the younger she is, the more embarrassing it would be for me-- an adult man.



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  • You are A sickfucking Pedo who should die from a very painful death that lasts for many days

  • Wow did you just come up with that? funny s***, now shut the f*** up

  • My friend, you are an idiot. Besides, I know that heart's from you!

  • My friend, you are delusional. Besides, that heart's probably from you, anyway! Lol

  • I'm not you friend trust me at that. If I had my way anyone convicted of being a pedo would get the death penalty right there and then. It is the only cure for you and them.

  • So self hating...

  • Sorry, who's delusional? Is your junk as malformed as Epstein's and Feinstein's have been reported to be? Malformed junk seems to occur alongside mental illness. You rolled snake eyes in the DNA department, amigo.

  • And where is Jeffery Epstein now? I believe he is pushing up daisy's maggot food . What should happen to all pedos

  • I know you're tryin', and it's adorable-- but I HAVE a bigger d*** than you'll ever successfully BE.

  • Youfucked up you need to use the inch size of the ruler not the millimeter side

  • Hey he is just happy that he is hung like a stud field mouse.

  • Right, that's why you want to stick it in LITTLE girls. Dream on , waterhead

  • "Waterhead." You hillbilly bumblefuck b****! LMAO

  • U sound triggered,, guess they were right LMAOOOOO

  • Triggered my c*** dunkin' on em, I know THAT much! L****

  • Little girls prefer little D’s anyway

  • And I prefer little girls

  • No we prefer women so DIE SICKFUCKING PEDO DIE DIE DIE. Everybody troll all these sick pedo posts and wreck their j aking offf session.

  • So because YOU prefer adults-- we ALL should. There was another man who thought like you. A great and powerful man. Led entire armies, was FEARED BY HIS ENEMIES!! Then we kicked his ass and he had the good grace to crawl into a hole and die mumbling to himself. That man was Adolf Hitler. You're a N***, friend. Live with it.

  • It has nothing to do with preference you sickfuck. A child is that a child they should have a good time playing and being a child. Not having a sickfucking pedo taking their childhood away because that your mind is so sick and all you think is having s e x with them. You don't care what they look like as long as they are underage the younger the better right pedo? Yes my preference is for adult women that have gone thru childhood even collage. I wish you wouldfucking die

  • For sure the younger thepussy the nicer it is, love seeing babypussy sofucking hot

  • You like young? Bubba loves sickfucking pedoAss You will see him in Prison and He will pound yourASS and then pass you around and the rest of the inmates will use you till you die. Thats how they handle pedos like you

  • Bet you loved getting your assfucked didn't you probably sucked a lot of blackcock too

  • Nope not into men just my wife of 30 plus years. But I can't stand pedos

  • So you're into dried out and dessicated old grandmothers-- and I'M the sick one. Yeah, clearly. F*U*C*K*I*N*G granny rapist!

  • I don't rape women married 30 plus years and very happy. But I would have s e x with a old women before touching a child. We are both lucky I done know you.
    Because if I saw you harm a child and maybe talking the way you are I would put lead in your sickfucking head. You would be carried by 6 while I'm judged by 12. You probably wouldn't find 6 people to carry you sickass body, and They probably won't get 12 to convict me for killing a sickfucking twisted pedo.

  • Why are you bragging about being a woman's legal slave? Are you honestly THAT big of a r*****? We should kill all girls on their eighteenth birthday so that they NEVER enslave the man. Enslaving the man is the job of a delicate, beautiful young princess who can properly giggle at his willing surrender of power for the privilege of her company. It's not the place of dried out old nags who want a clean house but are too fat to clean it themselves.

  • Where thefuck did I say I am in slaved? You need serious help why don't you go to the police and tell them your thoughts on young girls and when they should die and enslavement. No matter what you say what you do. You will always be a sickfucking pedophile and I pray for any children around you. I also pray that someone see who you are before it is too late and you are shot and killed so you can never can lay a hand on a child.

  • No. No to all of this. And you'll burn in h*** for wishing such misery on innocent pedophiles, you FREAK!

  • Oh no no no I won't be inhell for standing up for children. You sickfucking pedo's will be inhell. Thats for sure! 🖕 you

  • But you'll be in h*** though, because you're a granny raping loser. See, WE all get to go to heaven and have s** with all the hot little preteen angels while you burn.

  • Ok you sickfuck now you are not making any sense. But I promise that I will troll pedophilic's like you forever. Wait I see a prison room for you hopefully very soon. If you think you are getting me mad you are not. In fact i'm laughing at you every time I see this post and troll it. So call me anything you want pedo because thats all you ever will be. Just a stupid sickfucking looser pedo who can only dream of getting you little girls you want. Remember you are just a sickfucking pedo thats it. have a nice day pedo. 🖕 🖕 🖕

  • You're a loser, you rape old ladies, you don't have the B**** to handle a little girl, and I can have all the young strange I want!

  • No you can't you have no d ick loser you will never be anything but a loser and prison awaits you. And I told you I don't rape anyone D ickless wonder.

  • Nobody but those poor old grandmothers. But we already know they aren't even people to you. Man, f****** those gorgeous little angels is gonna be amazing though-- I can hardly wait! See, God is on our side-- he's totally cool with it! Read the bible sometime, f*a*g*g*o*t!

  • Where does the bible state you can molest little children pedo you have probably never read the bible right pedo.

  • You said "right pedo". It's official, we win! Bring out the eight year olds!

  • That's a bit old I like younger

  • And big bad Bubba is going to love yourass in prison pedo he will use your mouth as toilet paper.

  • Never said you weren't a wanna be pedo

  • Pedo stupid little pedo' nothing but a pedo ,oh can you hold your head up high oh no because you are a stupid little pedo nothing but a pedo. Try to keep up pedo

  • Oh I forgot Have a nice day pedo 🤩😎😎🤨 🖕

  • Hey pedo you there still remember you are nothing but a pedo.

  • But a pedo is everything! Well, everything but his sexy little snack!

  • Your nothing but a wanna be pedo you so ugly kids run from you pedo. Have a nice day pedo.

  • Good, I WANT little girls to be grossed out by me-- THAT'S MY WHOLE FANTASY, YOU R3T@RD!! CHOKE ON MY PEDO D***, YOU SORE FΩCKING LOSER!! LOOOOOLLLL!!!!

  • Are you mad pedo you forgot you don't have a d ick You are just another d ickless wanna be pedo nothing but a wanna be pedo. So remember your nothing without a d i c k just a wanna be pedo who should die. Wait wait pedo GOT LEAD? want some in your pedo head get pedo lead head is that you pedo. Have a nice day wanna be pedo.

  • Hey pedo where did you go? did mom make you get off the computer.

  • Hey wanna be d ickless pedo is it true that you are sofucking ugly that your momma mistook you for garbage and threw you out. is it wanna be sickfucking d ickless uglyass pedo

  • No, it was one of the little girls in your family. I like to let her be in charge.

  • Don't have little girls in my Family wanna be D ickless pedo. You got lead pedo you a lead head wanna be pedo. How you gonnafuck little girls without a d ick wanna be pedo sickfucking wanna be pedo. Hey go to twitter and use #sickfuckingdicklesswannabepedo. It fits you nicely wanna be pedo. Have a nice day wanna be pedo

  • Hey wanna be d ickless pedo where are you wanna be no d ick pedo

  • Who the h*** DOESN'T?? Oh, right-- faggots like some of the ones here already. Lousy stinkin' faggots.

  • Gives em somethin' to giggle at!

  • They giggle when they see that you have nodick pedo

  • I would DIE to be dickless in front of a little girl! Hearing her do her very best to be nice, but she just can't hide her laughter! And now she's already laughed, so she might as well just give up the act and tell me what she thinks-- there's nothing I can do about it anyway.

  • Not mydick but it feels so good getting my fingers in a nice little one


  • Of course they should. Peacefully, of old age, knowing it was a life well lived.

  • No they should die before they get a chance to get their hands on a child.

  • No they shouldn't, that's just stupid.

  • No lead in the head for wanna be pedos

  • Oh, so now the granny rapist is 2pac. This just keeps getting better!

  • 2pac? You mean the rapper wanna be pedo. Hows your confession? You didn't get the replies you wanted from other pedos did you. You can't j erk off to this on Ay wanna be d ickless pedo. Got lead wanna be dickless*pedo. You are so ugly your momma used to tie a steak a round you neck to get the dog to play with you. Oh where is your momma upstairs injecting her drugs and letting the dogfuck her cause thats all she can get Dicklesswannabepedo. You know I figured out why your d ickless you let the dog lick it and he bit it off. Thats what happened so now you have to sit to pee in your litter box momma set up for in the basement. I'm still looking for you on twitter at #sickfuckingdicklesswannabepedo where is your posts. Have a nice day dicklesswannabepedo.😟🤬🤢🤮

  • Wow, 2pac-- I didn't know you were a pedo! I thought n****** like you raped their grandmas!

  • Yungtightpussy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Sickfucking pedo got lead for you and no charge to inject into your head.

  • You like taking it in the head? on your knees sucking it good

  • No just putting lead into pedos heads!!! that cures them.

  • Damn straight!

  • Yup damn straight sickfucking pedos should get shot in the head. But not before they have their junk cut off and stuffed up their a$$.

  • Oh, calm down! It's really no big deal-- the girls love the attention! Everybody wins! Buddy-- relax! Have a drink, ogle a nine year old-- it's cool! We all do it!

  • No only SickFuckingPedos do that

  • Like you aren't one of us! LOLOL

  • You really think i am one of you! OhHell no I am the one who is trolling all these confessions because they are sick and disgusting. I go after Incest lovers to
    I am the one who tells one sick guy to stand on the train tracks and wait. He has about 30 or so confessions about being a SickFucking Incest loving pedo. Just about all the replies here against you pedos Is me. I will put my posts in-between replies so someone w anking to thisShit. I hope it wrecks his and yours sessions too. This site tells you not to confess About children or incest but here they are.

  • How young?

  • As soon as they become a sickfucking pedo. Thats how young!

  • I like em best from about 7-10. That's when they do that thing where their body fills out JUST ENOUGH to resemble a miniature adult before development scatters all over the place.

  • Tiny buds just forming and no hair on thepussy ........ lovely

  • Just another sickfucking pedo

  • I don't know What 2pac means sickfucking dicklesspedo. If you are calling me a nig ger I am white American and thats not a nice thing to call people of color. So now you are racist too. So what are you besides a sickfuckingdickless wanna be pedo hiding in mommies basement with a can of peanut butter and the dog licking the spot where you dickwas. I have your updated Twitter post it is #racistsickfuckingdicklesswannabepedo

  • Except that you are neither white NOR American. Because people who are either can comprehend the basic concept of "English", y'see. What YOU are is a filthy lying n***** who rapes poor, defenseless, wheelchair bound old women. You rape them, and you pretend they're the little preteen girls you'll never be man enough to take. Isn't that right? Yes, it's EXACTLY right! Poor old n***** 2pac!

  • #racistsickfuckingdicklesswannabepedo I am telling you I am white born in New York State. If you don't know where that is use google. once again I am married to a women and not into granny. But you admit you are into little girls. But you never had one because you are a racistsickfuckingdicklesswannabepedo thats hiding in mommies panties in her basement while she is upstairs injecting heroine and smoking crack while jons line up to fuckherasshole. She then sucks their ShitCoveredDicks off. When she had enough you come up and get your DickLessAssFucked all night long. And just like mommy you SuckTheir shitCoveredDicks clean. 🧼 🧽 In the morning mommy makes you lick her SoreAssHole to clean it 🧽 for the next set of jons coming over. So I have a new twitter hash tag for you. It is... #RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean
    You like that. No you love that.

  • No, you're one of those bomb wearing terrorist n****** who's never even been laid.

  • So you are saying I am Muslin? You don't know how to spell that word. Hey aren't you supposed to go upstairs and relive you mommy? Don't forget to Lick herAssHole clean and get your mouth full ofSperm, and don't for get to use you new hash tag #RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean
    Are you up set that dady doesn't FuckyouupYourAss anymore. Since you are a only child means Mommy gotFucked in her pu$$y only once. And daddy left.
    Have a nice day #RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean 🤢🤮😊😊

  • Terrorist incel fagaboo.

  • Really is that the best you can come up with RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean I thought you had a little more brains then that. But since you have noDick maybe you don't. I am surprised you are still here. Is you mommy working overtime to feed you yourSperm meal. Did you tell her you where extra hungry. So go up stairs and Eat your momsAssHole out for your dinner. Get back to me when you are done ✅ Have a nice night RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean

  • Eres un pedófilo maldito enfermo sin polla que chupa pollas cubiertas de mierda mientras usa las bragas de tu madre
    أنت متحرش جنسيًا مريضًا بلا داعٍ ويمتص القضبان المغطاة أثناء ارتداء سراويل أمك
    Jste bezohledý nemocný kurva pedofil, který saje hovno zakryté ptáky, zatímco na sobě máte maminky kalhotky, protože pes kousne péro
    Hey RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean See if you can figure out what I said in three different languages.
    хорошего дня here is one more have nice day pedo.

  • The same thing you said in what little (like your d***, ha!) English you know; precisely jack buggetyfuckin' s***.

  • Hey #RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean
    you did not translate my messages you can't right. Did your mommy feed you all the SpermInHerAss? Did the Jons leave enough CUMin HERass for you or did your daddy take it from you instead. Has mommy changed out you litter box. Well have a nice day RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean


  • Oh by the way you wrote this confession! how do you like the way it was replied to?

  • Suits me just fine, n¡gger-- thanks for the relevance! 😂😘

  • No I love trolling you RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean
    gonna keep trolling you till you die so if you want me to stop them die it is easy so do it #RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean
    Have a nice death 👆👆👆🤢🤮

  • Pfft! Ahahahahahaha!

  • So you do read them RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean
    First you called me black then muslin and now Indian. I told you pedo I won't stop till you stop. But please tell me how your confession came out. Is it everything you wanted pedo. Nobody comes here to put sickfucking posts pedo and thats what I'm loving about it.
    have a nice day RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean👆👆👆💩💩💩🤢🤮

  • Know what I did today? Looked at a picture of a little girl in tight jeans. Then I played the sounds of a huge diesel semi truck absolutely ROARING down a highway-- I imagined it was in her body, and I was feeling her throb and rattle and vibrate in my arms as I humped her. I imagined touching her butt in those jeans, and feeling that her jeans were made of metal, and I could feel the heat of the engine baking out of her ass. It was SO g******* sexy, you couldn't even IMAGINE!!

  • Get those jeans off so you can feel herpussy then she will REALLY vibrate

  • And you think I don't know English well.
    Did you pleasure yourself while imagining that sickfucking thought. You keep dreaming and creaming because that as close to children you will ever get pedo.
    Have a nice nite pedo.👆👆👆RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean

  • I would think that my self pleasure would be evident, you rapist piece of dogshit.

  • You ain't getting pleasure here but I found your new confession and thats next in line to trolled be me PEDO!!!! how you like that know? I told you I won't give up. have nice day pedo 👆👆👆👆💩💩🤢🤮

  • Okay, troll this new confession, a******. It either won't exist or you'll have the wrong s***. I have THREE new confessions-- and you won't touch ANY of em!

  • If I see them I will troll them I just hit two new ones and maybe one or both are your's Pedo. Have a nice night I will because this confession is all scr ewed up.👆👆👆🤮👆💩head

  • Nope, and I highly doubt you hit anybody else's either! Lol! "Messed up"! LMAO! Oh yeah, trollin' hardcore bro! You so Anonymous! Hahahahahaha! Ya got my b**** shakin', buddy! 😂😂😂

  • I'm done here I screwedUp your confession and that was my goal. Now i'm screwingOver the 2 new ones and will be there. Since you are a pedo you will see them and see the same replies I posted here. But from time to time I stop by and check out this one and if it flares up again I will troll it again. So I say bye to you and hope karma works and you end up dead because thats what all sickfucking Pedos should get. Death period. I hope never to hear from you again . Pedo

  • HAHahahahahahahaha!!

  • Ignore the basement dweller hopefully he will go play on the highway

  • I think he already did, if his speech cognosence is of any indication! Lol

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