I think i "love" my best friend

Idk , lately all i can think about is him and i'm always daydreaming with him.
He's the sweetest boy on earth, he's perfect, he listens to me, he understands me, he supports me, he does all the kind of cute stuff to me, he plays with me, he makes me laugh , he plays with my hair, he hugs me all the time,...
I don't know what to do. I can't tell him, it could ruin our friendship because i'm 100 % sure he doesn't like me that way. I LOVE HIIIIIIIIIIIM
And right now, i'm missing him sooooooooo much cause we're in easter holidays and i can't see him, and it's hard to talk with him by fb and that stuff cause all he does is playing minecraft, league of legends and stuff like that :c

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  • Give him a big hug and make sure your t*** rub up against him. If you feel him hard (and you will) then go for a kiss and he WILL NOT refuse to go further.

  • If he plays with your hair and hugs you, he's trying to find ways to touch you, to feel you... it sounds to me like he does like you. I can't tell you how to tell him, because you have to find your own way, but I'd tell him.

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