I'm 17. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. He just got me a promise ring, and I love it! It's safe to say I'm very happy with him, he's perfect. There's just one problem...

I try not to blame my past for the way I am, but I used to have a very bad habit of talking to many guys at once, I loved the attention. I was molested by my brother, my cousin, and my mothers best friends son. I was raped at 14 by a stranger in front of my best friend. I feel like these are reasons why I want so much attention. My boyfriend knows that and hes been supporting me as i overcome these striggles. Well lately...I've been fighting an urge to hook up with this other guy...I know it's not worth throwing away someone who is "hubby" material for a one night stand. But I get these urges and temptation always gets the best of me. I've never physically cheated on him, but I have talked to several guys behind his back, he discovered 2 of them and almost broke up with me because of it. I'm afraid I will be like this for the rest of my life..


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  • Remember that healing is a process. Don't be too h****** yourself, and don't be too h****** the people who are trying to help you. Your boyfriend sounds like a great guy. Talk to him.

  • Do you like a***?

  • No, it's not your fault you were molested or raped, but you cannot use those as excuses for being unfaithful. Enjoying flirtation has nothing to do with a history of sexual abuse. That being said, you're 17, and this isn't the middle ages! Go get an education, meet lots of guys and start a career before you even think of getting married! Trust me-- everyone I know who got married before their mid-twenties got divorced, especially when one partner has a history of cheating.


  • Molestation and rape aside, you're 17, and I know you probably think you've "got it all figured out"... chances are you're going to meet many more guys in your life. A very small percentage of high school sweethearts stay together. Save both of yourselves heartache. Meet new people, be young. I got married at 26 and it's still not easy...atleast think about what I've said

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