Annoyed with her...

Lately, I'm so annoyed and turned off by my wife. I love her and we get along a lot of the time, but she always seems so bitchy, something is always wrong with her physically. We make love usually once a week, lately though she doesn't much seem into it, or she won't shower for days and her box will smell and I'm entirely turned off. She gets all pissy when I touch her, and I'm very affectionate I love to hug and kiss her and tell her she's beautiful, but I don't want to much lately. Overall she's really turning me off, if it continues a whole lot longer I'm not sure what I'll do.

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  • Look, you will always have an idiot say "divorce her", just like the one comment you got. We are emotional beings, it is our gift, or it can feel like curse. One person said she is depressed, that is a good possibility. You failed to give us enough info to really understand things. Your age, her age, any emotional stress like a death or birth, length of marriage, any children? She has changed as a reaction to something, and s**, though many men believe life revolves around it, is really secondary to love and care of some one you really love. If you care more about not getting "your" s**, then what is obviously a deeper issue for a person you are suppose to love and care for, you may be her problem. She has had a major change in her normal behavior and your selfish need for s** is all you care about? Think about it, and then think about her. Did you marry her just to have her around as your own personal socket for s**? Care for her, not yourself this time.

  • I'm aloud to say divorce her coz its my step mother he's talking about, she's nothing but a slob and unhygienic!

  • If things get really bad, before doing something stupid be honest with her and give her the chance to change.

  • Ew I would divorce the dirty b****.

  • Don't give up just yet. It really sounds like she's just depressed. It's awesome that you are so doting and tell her how beautiful she is. Everyone needs that. But she needs to believe that. She may need help and doesn't want to admit to it or ask for help. Don't take her actions personally, she's most likely coping the best way she can. And unfortunately, it's by pushing you away. Maybe you can gently ask her if she's okay and see what she needs to get her help.

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