A different kind of love.

I don't know if this makes sense, but I love my drama teacher so much. but not in a romantic or sexual way at all; he's old enough to be my dad!
I guess I love him as a brother or other male family member? whatever you can classify it as, he means so much to me. even though I've known him for just over a year, he has changed my life a lot. he's helped me gain the confidence I need to face my future. we've gotten closer this year since I've been helping out with drama club and local productions.
but it's weird how sometimes I'll look at him and just want to hug the s*** out out of him (for lack of a better expression lol). and just talk to him, get to know him even more. I often wonder what his life has been like. he's usually a joker and always making us laugh, but sometimes there's a sad look about him when he's alone. sometimes I wonder if he's truly alright. and I look forward to his class and rehearsals every day more than anything. when he told me I'm the most dedicated and hardworking person he knows, it made me cry!
am I crazy to want to be a part of this man's life (and vice versa)? I know some of his students have kept in constant touch with him, and I want to be one of them. I dont know how to let him know how much he truly means to me.

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