My wife has had way bigger

I am averagely endowed - about 6 inches, and not especially thick. Through innocent comments, she unintentionally let it out that she likes girth. She has always been quite honest with me, but doesn't want to say things that will make me feel bad, so she doesn't say everything unless I specifically ask about it. So out of anxious curiosity, I have found out that one of her previous lovers had a 9.5 inch d*** - although not super thick... and another of her previous lovers had a super big, p***-sized-girth c***. I was amazed to find out she used to have both vaginal and a*** s** with this super big guy (the latter of which I have only rarely had with her). I know the main thing is that she loves me, and I love her desperately, but I can't help but feel... intimidated, and wishing I could fill her, just how she likes...

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  • Maybe grow some b**** so you can grab them together. It is your wife for f*** sake

  • My wife's first husband was huge. Like p*** star huge. Her 2 sons from that marriage were also very well endowed. Me, I'm 5" on a good day. Still, she left him for me. We've been together 25 years this March.

    I win.

  • Most of the nerves are in the first 2 inches of a woman's p****, so girth is important over length. Most women I know only want a average p**** , they hate large ones because it hurts them so bad. remember a womans v***** is a muscle that expands and contracts, men are much more in love with their p**** than a woman, and they forgot to ask a woman. How come a short tongue cam give a woman an o***** so fast . Only p*** stars love big c*** . Some women have distorted vaginas and like it big , but most do not . I have been with a hundred women , they prefer very hard, average length and a bit wider , to narrow is not good . Make sure your d*** is hard and stay hard for an hour they want to be happy with s** , not hurt with s** . Not a single woman whom is white I have met loves them big, just average will do , thank you , but make sure it is hard , unless your gay

  • My wife and I have both been previosuly married. She admits her ex was hung bigger than I am. I am ok with it. We have been married 15 years and I can ring her chimes and she does say I am far more imaginitive in bed than her ex ever was.

  • Okay, this woman MARRIED you, right? YOU WIN.

    Do not be intimidated by her past experiences.

    I would consider adding toys to your s** life, if your wife is feeling unsatisfied, as a way to meet her "girth" needs.

  • Is this genuine? She was either very lucky, or has been around a bit. You need to get into wife sharing. This way it can be a posed to her eventually cheating.

    On another point. Women are terrible (generally) at sizing up anything. Take a kitchen roll tube. These are about 9" long and hold it to your mouth in front of a mirror, but standing side on. You hardly ever see a c*** this big in a p*** movie.

    Sure, there are plenty of guys with bigger than 6".

  • Wow. Well I have seen and had big ones numerous times. But the man I love is average and I would not give him up for anything so if she loves you than be satisfied with that. I big c*** is not everything

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