Too small to enjoy

I have been married for six years. I always had issues with me p**** size. I am 3 inches erect and no girth. I want Ned my wife before we were married. She and I had s** and she said she was ok with it since I was such a wonderful person. I always had my doubts If she really was since I made a fortune in Silicon Valley and she workforce me
After a couple of years she started to complain and get frustrated so we started using strap on sand toys. When I did have s** she would just look bored and ask if I done. Now whenever we have a disagreement she will call me small d***. Last week she said she can't take it anymore and needs to be done right. I told her to leave but she says she will take the house and money so I should just shut up. I ruined her life not pleasing her for so long. The other day she came home from the doctor and said she wants to get pregnant but only with another man since she would not bring a boy into the world that might end up like me
She even told the story to her friend on the phone when I was in the room. When I started to fight she threatened me with my house and money again. When she calmed down she said she was sorry and enjoyed our life but she is so sexually frustrated


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  • I too have the same problem. With a 2 inch size when placid and just 4.5 at erect position with 3inch width I have tried all the exercises like pumping in placid state, hip exercise while erect etc. But to no good. Moreover, to elevate the problem I am having this premature e********** killing me. First of all it is troublesome to penetrate with small size and once the head of p**** is inside the v***** I could not go further than three to five strokes and I am done. Moreover, when bathing my c*** shrinks to just only the foreskin. Once after having s** in bathroom which even didnot last for 30 seconds, my c*** being wet with water shrunk nearly visible and my wife was stunned to see it and remarked with that long pubic hair around I will have to search for your thing. Two year old boy have bigger c*** than yours. Thereafter you people can imagine my s** life is not that happy. May wife lets me to have s** at times may be once in a month. Therefore I watch p*** and masturbates daily while bathing.

  • Go for the smaller girls bud.

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  • My wife called me three times last week to come and see me and make up. I never returned her calls. T o nights ago in the middle of the night my garage door opened and she came in. She climed into my bed and went to sleep. I woke up early and left for work without saying anything
    When I came home she sat down and told me that she slept with a guy that picked her up at the bar after I threw her out. Three days in a row. She. Said it was like the first time she ever did it. She couldn't stop for three nights.
    She then said the guy was great but a real ass and she missed how good I was and wanted to come back.
    I am so torn thinking of this man making love to her for three days straight and her puttting up with his classless treatment of her and her coming back to me after all of that
    How does she expect me to look at her after she told me how he pleased her. Telling me in detail how and also his size. She said she needs to be honest but she loves being with me every other way and that is more important

  • More BS from you. Get a job.

  • I have a job. Work my butt off. You should get a life

  • You are a liar AND a loser.

  • I get enough abuse at home not to deal with you
    Get a life . I am signing off this site. Saying goodbye to you j***. One thing for sure I could by and sell you

  • Panhandling is not a job. At the rate you're going, you'll be dead within 3 years.

  • Buddy, get into the swing lifestyle. That way you still have some control over who she is with. Enjoy watching her with other men and j*******. Sorry about the fact that you are small. Buy a $300 p*** stretcher or have surgery if you have so much money. Invite several friends over and give her a small g******* for her birthday. Keep your house and money and give her some fun. But, you stay in control! Man up with your attitude since you cannot man up with your c***. Tie her up and then have a couple of big d*** guys come over and give it to her good. Take photos and videos. Then you've got leverage about other things, if you need it. But, maybe you will not need the leverage and you two find much happiness with each other in a more open relationship. C** all over her face as she is getting hammered from behind by some big boned guy. There are some women that enjoy small sized men. Though they are rare, their out there. Or, bring in a housekeeper that will perform for both of you - no matter what. Your wife might enjoy having another woman, too.

  • Sounds like you have sordid fun at the Day Care.

  • Not sure if she has a boyfriend but after a week of coming home late she came home and told me she hopes I understand she just wants more and is not satisfied and I should move out. Of my own house! That I paid for! I told her to move and she threatened to call the police on me for abuse.
    I am no dummy. I went to the bathroom and came out and said , your would call the police and accuse me just to get me out. She said she would and she is the woman and even though I have a small d*** I should act like a real man and leave. I told her I recorded on my phone and will play back for the police if she called. I am now in the other room and ready to see a lawyer. I want her out. She has degraded me enough. I hate her

  • It sounds like she's using your small size to punish you for things other than s**. She's using it as leverage against you. That's not fair, but it is what it is.

    I once dated a guy who was small, maybe 3.5". It wasn't fun to ride and it wasn't a turn-on to see. We broke up for other reasons, but now I'm with a guy who is a thick 7" and I have to say that it's much better. It's so sexy to see him walking around the house in the mornings with his gorgeous rig swinging between his legs. It's fun to play with too.

    Let's face it: guys with really small d**** have a hard time keeping their women. If they do, keeping them faithful is even harder.

  • So you went from one of your brothers to the other. Interesting.

  • I am about 5.5 (when measured from the top) and about 5 inches around. I'm obviously not big, and have had some interesting interactions with some of my partners over the years.
    One gf I had years ago had only dated well endowed black men before me. She made sure I knew I was the smallest she'd ever had inside her. After her I dated a black woman who had never dated outside her race until me. She also told me I was small and underwhelming. A while after her I dated this short fat girl who had the option of me and a guy who was significantly larger than me. She chose me because she enjoyed a*** and I was small enough to fit in her butt without hurting her.
    FF to today and I am married to a size queen. She's a plus size woman and between her size and shape of her body and my size, positions are somewhat limited. She is very instructive and deliberate on what she wants me to do, helping me maximize use of what I have. While it was embarrassing when she told me she couldn't even feel me inside her I am thankful she coaches me to be what she needs instead of looking elsewhere. S** with a woman of her weight and with her demands is a lot of work but it is also a very rewarding experience.

  • It's hard to believe that someone could be smaller than me. 4is pretty small. I do have a good body though and do my best to make up for it. Oral , toys,whatever I can and she always o******. I do my best but now even when we do she makes fun of me afterwards
    She even told me last night she forgot what it's like to have a real man inside her. When we argued about how she talked to me she threatened to call the police and have me removed from my own house.
    I think she has a boyfriend and that is behind this. I was with her before marriage for two years so she knew what I have.

  • This will probably not make you feel any better about your small package but I will tell you this, your not alone. Being a naturalist for 20 years I have seen literally thousands of naked people. I was astonished at how many guys are even shorter than you. Not a rare thing to just see a head sticking out.

    I've seen many guys with an inverted member. Absolutely sucked into themselves. Recently I know and saw a guy that lost 50 lbs and he showed 1.5 inches more just by eliminating the fat.

  • Can't judge a guy's d*** by seeing it flaccid though. Some of us are growers, not show-ers. Mine is an underwhelming 1.5" flaccid, and grows to a thick 7" erect. I've been with a lot of girls and never had any complaints.

  • You don't have one in the first place.

  • She is revealing her inner feelings during those times of her frustration. She will be driven to seek what she wants. Protect your assets NOW as she will fall for some person she finds exciting and take your things as she wants those as well.
    Don't believe maybe if she has a big one finally that will be the end of it.

  • You need to let her get laid by a guy with a big d*** and knows what he is doing. She deserves it.

  • Where do you live and what hours are you gone? I will stop by and f*** your wife so she won't be such a b****.

  • Might work. She wants a big d*** and you sound like one

  • Now thats funny !!

  • You're just p***** because you have a small d*** like the OP, and his wife would make fun of you too.

  • You have a d-I-c-k? You'd better spit it out cuz it ain't yours!

  • Stick it in her butt, she will think it's bigger

  • That's a sad story Bro. I got financially wrecked in my divorce. She got alimony on top of everything else for another 17 years. You need to find dirt out and catch her preferably on video of her cheating. Start protecting yourself I fear this is long but over for you. See an Atty for legal advise.

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