South African married white male. Turned on by black p3n1s...

I am currently. Been married to my wife for 17yrs now.

She grew up in a very strict, very conservative, very afrikaner household. Born in 1979, most of her developmental youth was in "apartheid" South Africa. To her, interracial s** is an absolute NO-NO

I was born in '78, my single mom also afrikaans, but my youth (possibly due to my own perceptions) slighty more liberal.

I am bi. Openly so. Wife knows this and encourages it. I am also a HUGE fan of interracial s** (ideally with an extremely well hung black guy and a) petite, tight white teen and/or b) an experienced MILF taking on groups of bbc's. Yes, wife knows this as well, but... you guessed it - she does not share my fascination nor encourage it.

We are currently in the early stages if arranging her first g******* - something she has always wanted. Despite the many varied s** acts we have done (we swing, open marriage, her bdsm love, etc), we aint done a GB yet. She's told me that during this GB, for a part of the time, she wants to experience sensory deprivation (ie: she must be tied to bed, gagged, blindfolded and wearing earplugs.)
What she does not know, AT ALL, is that with her in a state of deprived senses, I am planning to see her p**** f***** harder, f***** longer, f***** deeper than ever before. I have already lined up 2 black guys for this purpose.
I have met both guys before - Thabo is a gym-bunny, so he is very well built. Contrary to the myth about gym guys (or maybe that "myth" is applicable to whitebois only), he is not lacking in the manhood department! He has a flacid length of 17cm (about 6.5"), about 10cm (4" girth. When he is erect - he is just under 25cm (10") long, over 14cm (near enough 6") girth! He too is bi - we met at an adult cinema, where he allowed me to j*** and suck him off, and i took his load on my face.
Sipho, ex colleague of mine - straight guy. But, at a friends stag party I witnessed the female "entertainment" get totally destroyed by what I imagine is no less than 30cm/12" of fairly thick black c*** - the crazy thing is his mushroom c******* is even wider than the shaft, and this showed as he f***** the stripper that night!

As a teen all the way through till today, she has had a huge variety of c***, some obviously not as able to pleasure her, but many of her lovers were very able and extremely experienced, f****** her to multiple o******, at times, but, I am more than convinced, Thabo and Sipho will take her beyond any f*** she's had before. And, unless they or some other strapping black guys pound her p**** in the future, she will never again have s** so brutally blissful, as when the were f****** her!

Honestly guys - share your opinions on what I am planning..


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  • Check out her twitter @imrenesmeeinrsa

  • Yes please let us know how it goes and how much she whimpers and squeals as those huge c**** plunder her,I hope like my wife did that they chose to b***** her tight white a***-hole as well,mine cried real tears at first when she took nearly all of 10" of young c*** but now longs to find the ultimate 12" c***,alas she wants white only but that's fine and her choice,I just want to watch and see her struggles with such a huge c***,two would be awesome but again apart from one time in Barcelona she is not up for that pleasure

  • I want to read your report after executing this luscious little plot!

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