I am 100% sure that I am the biggest f****** loser to ever walk this earth.

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  • Nonsense...the obvious answer is you make your self what you are..do you want to be that? Stop pitying yourself fix what ever problems you're having one at a time. Start with forgiving yourself.

  • If you believe that...everyone else will too. Pick yourself up,wipe your nose and start over! You don't have to live up to anyones standards but your own.

  • I'm sorry but nobody can be a bigger loser then the father of my child. He's changed so much but won't even attempt to get help. Don't give up, the hard times make you better x

  • No you're not. Email me if you need a friend. I don't judge anyone. Theresthisgirl90@gmail.com

  • Thank you. You don't judge anyone but others do and they make it hurt as much as possible.

  • No you're not because I am :(

  • We all have those moments. I'm sorry you're having one now, but moments like these don't usually last long.

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