Wow, this guy jerked off to me today....

Today I was driving North on 57 to pick up my fiance from his work in Chicago. And I was in the middle lane and this car passes me on the right and then slowed down. At first I was like, 'oh, crap is this person p*****, did I cut someone off?' When I looked over I saw this guy mouthing the words 'you are beautiful!' So, I mouthed back 'thanks'. Next thing I know he telling that I have nice t*** and they are huge! Then he wants me to flash him! I shook my head no. Then he was like do you want to see it? I shook my head no again. And he was like you want to see it don't you and I'm like no that's ok. He kept on like you want to see it, you want to see it! So, I drove faster to try and get away from him. Then he sped up. He's like you really want to see it! So, he pulls out his d*** and starts jerking off right there as we are driving! And I'm thinking please don't wreck into me! And this guy is actually cute too!
Now what makes this really funny is my fiance and I are both swingers! LOL
Anyways I don't know I was so embarrassed by this yet the sick pervert in me was like pull over and f*ck this guy!
So, I keep pretending like I don't want to watch this but I keep on peeking over and he came so hard that he got c** on his window!
To say the least when we got home I f***** the sh*t out of him. And of course his joke to me was I need to get this guys phone number so he can do this to you once a month! LOL
I sooo wanted to oblige this guy but in this day and age he could be a psycho! Now i'm kind of worried if I have a stalker.

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  • I am not fake! And yes this did really happen to me!

  • Fake as f***.

  • Just to put it out there, first of all I'm very discreet, and very selective, about. . if your a spontanious woman and love attention.. driving to and from work, open your blouse.just enough to show your breast, or the cup of your bra. suck on a lilies pop, or your finger, etc.. look over and wink . drag your tongue across your lips, if your wearing a skirt or dress. pull it up, rub your legs or pantyhose, if I see you. . then ill stroke my thickness and maybe show it to you, but only if you I know your as bad, and spontanios like me.. tease me and ill tease you..


  • Sent you an e-mail!

  • Hope your not the famous athlete. LOL

  • Ok, I will be replying!

  • I posted almost the same story. and think you commented asking if I was on 57? it wasn't me.. but I do it also.. usually only to black mature women. over 30.. for that is my sexual preference.. I'm well endowed. not a phsyco.. just love to admire women when they have their blouses open, and showing they're. long legs and pantyhose.. tease us ladies. and we'll. tease you if you want my email address let me know..

  • And yes I am bi-sexual female! And you aren't kidding about black women's legs! I would love to play with Tina Turner, I don't care if she is old enough to be my grandma!

  • I would love your e-mail address. I'm not a mature black woman though. But we do have some beautiful, black women in our swing group who probably love to oblige you. One in particular is a domm!!!! And I didn't mean for the psycho thing to come across that way I just meant that I worry about pulling over because you never know what could happen. I think I watch too many Cold Cases!!!! LOL
    And it's nice to hear that there are men out there who enjoy black women as I do see they don't get the same attention as the other women. If I get your e-mail I will tell you some stories of my black women encounters!-)

  • And just to clarify It was my fiance' I f*cked.

  • And I f*cked my fiance' not the guy. Just to clarify things.

  • Kind of hard to e-mail you when I don't know what your e-mail is.

  • Email me so we can chat

  • Would love to if I had your e-mail! LOL

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