Why isn't there any new religion?

I mean, all I ever seen is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism in my area. But when someone makes a new religion, they call it a cult and bash the h*** out of it.

I'd rather worship a Earth Goddess or something.

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  • Look into Pastafarianism. We have strippers and a beer volcano. Come be touched by His noodly appendage!


  • Because education based on the teaching of the scientific method and reasoning is slowly overtaking religion as a basis for understanding the world.

  • In answer to your question - because thankfully one thing religion is good for is persecuting other faiths, so new religions don't get much of a chance.

  • I love how people go bashing about religion, but the one religion that should be put in the limelight has humbly been keeping quiet because they don't believe in conversion and there fore don't go out enough educating the masses about it, which actually does happen with the doorbelling converters. I think Sikhism is the best religion. I've done a lot of searching, and was so surprised when I came across it, as it is the 5TH LARGEST religion in the world and most nobody knows that now a days. Seriously, there needs to be some mass educating about this religion. It is really amazing. I mean, just the fact that THEY DO NOT CONVERT PEOPLE! Its because they believe that there are many different paths to God and that you shouldn't convert someone because you are trying to force your religion upon them becauses its "better". God, I love this religion so much, and am so glad I came across it. Oh and it goes hand in hand with science. I mean like, BINGO! Not even atheists could find something wrong with it!

  • Mormonism ,Jehovah's witness

  • I'm a historian by profession, so I can speak with some authority on this. Established "religions" are cults too. When a cult survives long enough, and gets a big enough section of society so that they start to be a political force that can't be ignored or marginalized anymore, they "suddenly" become respectable and "less cultish." So really they are all cults, its just that old cults are called "religions." Perfect example of this is what happened with Christianity. It finally become a useful political power, and Constantine (a claimant to the imperial throne of the Roman Empire) tapped into it. It was not the only reason (but a large part) of his successful bid to power. Then he officially made this relatively new cult "legal" with his Edict of Milan in 312AD. By 395AD the pagans were now the minority, and pagan worship was outlawed. In some ways we are seeing a similar "legitimizing" today with Mormonism. Crazy that a cult founded on magic underwear and alien visitors could be considered a "mainstream" religion, but with 5million followers and a recent presidential candidate backed by a major political party, its starting more and more to look that way. If you absolutely have to believe in god, but don't want to believe in all the hocus pocus of all these cults, check out Deitism (look it up on wikipedia), otherwise just be an atheist like most sane people.

  • Me and my friends all have our own halfway secret religion. It is like we believe in heaven and h*** but we don't really worship god like average Christians do.

  • The Unitarian church certainly isn't new, but it acknowledges and embraces all forms of spirituality and supports tolerance for all of them. In addition, it provides individual study of diverse religions and theological thought. I offer this, not as an end-all for your search (though it may prove to be just that), but as a starting-point: if Unitarianism doesn't provide what you're looking for, it may well lead you to that. I wish you well.

  • ^ This is a GREAT answer.

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