What's the deal?

After years of hearing what my family believes and being exposed to many different beliefs, I have came to the following conclusions.

1. I believe in God and Jesus. However, I'm bisexual and I don't convert people at every single possible chance. I'm VERY open about my beliefs, though.
2. I believe in evolution. There are parts in the Bible that allude to some occurring themes in Darwin's theory. And Science is starting to reject the Big Bang Theory because of it's similarities to the beginning of Genisis, which I guess I believe in both.
3. Anyone who argues or tries to disprove a religion, or lack thereof, is an idiot. No one was there when the universe was created, or has really been dead for long enough for afterlife to really take effect, in my opinion.

I have to say, there are Atheists I hate. There are Christians I hate. There are Atheists I like. There are Christians I like. So why can't we just stop attacking each other? I don't judge Atheism as being snarky and rude hipsters that bash religion. I don't judge Christianity as Homophobes who mistreat and abuse women. So why should you? I haven't even graduated yet and I'm more mature about this matter (in my opinion) than many adults. Just don't try to bash other people. Everyone has different beliefs on this. Got it? Good! Now shut up and stop whining about it. I'm sick of bias complaints from people and being dubbed as something I'm not.

tl;dr Be nice to people, regardless of beliefs.

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  • I understand that, be good to be ppl.
    Not bashing just educating, is that wrong?

  • Lol you sound just like my sister.

  • I completely agree. (took the words right out of my mouth) haha

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