My Brother's Baby

So I recently found out that I'm pregnant with my older brother's baby. I should also say that I'm 16 and he's 17. It was also 100% consensual. I don't want to get an abortion, but I'm afraid of what everyone will think if they find out that my BROTHER and I had s**. Please help?


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  • My brother and I also had s**. It was also consensual; however our story is a little bit different because he is 7 years younger than me, I am 52, I am married, so is he, he is not my sibling, he is my brother in law, my sister’s husband, and we did it with each other spouse’s consent.

  • It doesn't matter what other people think.

  • What did you have a Boy or girl

  • 13 s**

  • I have always bin trund on by the thought of taboo s** message me on Gmail or Hangout if u r willing to tell me about it or show picks on if u live in ohio and won't to have 3 way or 1on1

  • I am just curious.
    Although my Brother and I are older, I'm 34 and my Brother is 27.
    I was just wondering how it was the 1st time you two screwed?
    Was it really good?
    And what was it like when you guys were done...were you guys cool about it?
    I am recently divorced and a couple of days ago my lil Bro was over.
    We drank champagne to celebrate my freedom, and then got high.
    We played truth or dare...I know, silly at our age but we did.
    We ended up naked and both really turned on and he attempted to mount me by getting on top.
    We never actually did it though cuz while he was rubbing my c*** with his georgous thick p****, he shot it all over my cootch and stomach.
    I was really bummed at the time as I was really wanting him to f*** me.
    The next morning I was sorta glad we didn't actually do it.
    But now all I can think of is my handsome Brother with that super thick d*** of his.😂

  • Do you have any updates?

  • My Brother and I had s** when I was 14 and he was 22.
    I actually was the one who sorta started things when I asked him about s** ( although I had already had, had s**) and then I asked him if he would show me his p****.
    He did reluctantly, but it was really hard and big.
    I was developed pretty well at 14 and had kind of big b**** and i was definitely very hairy down there already. Anyway we did it.
    My parents were out of town that weekend and we did it alot.
    Like maybe more then 10 times.
    He never wore a condom and said i was too you young to have a baby/
    When he licked me it felt so so good and he made me have an o***** when we were having sexual intercourse.
    Of course later I found out he was totally wrong about getting pregnant. Thank Gosh I didn't get pregnant.
    We only did it one more time because he said it was wrong. We went to 7/11 one night to get my Mom ice cream, and I asked him if we could do it one more time. We did it in the back seat of his truck, and that time he pulled it out and I saw him shoot it. It was a lot, and now I know for sure i could have got pregnant.
    That was over 5 years ago, and now he is Married to a really pretty girl. I am not that pretty and sometimes I wish he would ask me to do it again.
    I would totally let him, I know I would like it even more, I remember how thick his p**** was, I have never had an o***** like the one i did with my big Brother when he was doing it to me.

  • I have always bin trund on by the thought of taboo s** message me on Gmail or Hangout if u r willing to tell me about it or show picks on if u live in ohio and won't to have 3 way or 1on1

  • If i may be your bio-logical brother

  • You two need to hook up. Go for what you want.

  • How did it all turn out?

  • My big sister and I have 8 VERY heathy kids 5 so far very valedictorians

    We started when she was 12 and 10 we have shared a bed since we little w lived in a 2 room apartment.

    After our father died I held both my mother and sister.

    We started to kiss mom brought us to their room....

    Later that night I ducked mom and knocked her up we have 6, ALL VERY HEALTHY 3 were Valedictorians the others are still in school.

    When they were pregnant we moved out n with our maternal grandparents.

    When into urned 18 my sister and I exchanged rings and said wedding vows.

  • Don't let what other people
    think get in your way .You and your brother should have lots more kids together

  • Valedictorians? Ur Mother and Sisters must have been genuineness, because your IQ is obviously sub 80 the way you write!
    Isn't that right beavis?

  • Yah me and my beloved sister agree with you.

  • No they shouldn’t because deformities and chromosomes and stuff

  • No it's completely bullshet my sister have a beautiful 4 years old daughter by me and want another she is pregnant now.its ok if they are healthy

  • Disgusting rednecks

  • Im also 5 months pregnant for my brother I never thought that things like that existed in real life but I can't argue with that anymore

  • Plese make me your brother for more kids & fun

  • Congratulations my sister is pregnant by me with her second child and it's the best love in the world

  • Was it good s**?

  • When I was 15 my 13 yr old brother got me prgnant. I kept my baby and we are doing fine. Im 17 now.

  • Are you two still together

  • I hope everything is going fine.

  • Um this is so f****** disgusting.

  • It's not disgusting if a brother and a sister have s** relation if of course it's consensual. It's not disgusting also if she gets pregnant. ..Nowadays, these things currently happening..You know why! That's because they know each other since childhood and with all diseases that are cropping up nowadays,they prefer to look for safe s** home! !The only problem is how to deal with the pregnancy towards the other close siblings!

  • Pregnancy completely ok if they both healthy and have no genetic problem

  • Don't knock it till you try it. Me and my brother have been doing it for years

  • Chris and Cathy?

  • Lmao😂

  • If you admit the relationship with your brother and that you are pregnant with his child, the two of you will be separated, no question. The state may take your child away and it's a toss-up if your brother will be charged as a s** offender because he was older. I think a lot will depend on how old you were when you first started having s**. My advice is to not tell anyone who the father is. Just say it was some guy and it happened once. I don't know if you intend to keep the child or not, but you need to start getting some prenatal care regardless.

  • I am "married " to my twin brother. We avoided having babies up until last year, where I gave birth to a perfect normal kid. Neither he or I wants to risk this again, do to the elevated chance of something being wrong. I will say after 17 years of being with him, this was the most freighting thing we have went though. It was worth it when I got to hold our son for the first time.

  • What is it like....looking in the mirror and feeling your d*** inside yourself?
    Do you come inside you??

  • What can I cry often heard in my brother's girl

  • Honey, my sister and I had to deal with the same issue. We had been having s** for months when she discovered she was pregnant with our child. We were very scared and happy at the same time, as my sister and I love each other very much.
    If you two plan things out you can raise this child, but unfortunately the child must never know your brother is the father. He will just have to fill the uncle role, and support you and the baby.
    My sister gave birth to our son in October, and we both marvel at this beautiful life we created from our love.

  • My parents are half siblings and they love each other more than anyone else in the world. As long as you two don't have some sort of disease that runs in your family, the baby will turn out fine. Of course, people will look at it distastefully. I've heard a lot of horrible things about incest and retarded children as a result, but it doesn't affect me. I know I'm a smart, capable individual despite my parent's relation to each other. There are lots of misconceptions on it, but if you get a genetic counselor, they will most likely tell you to go for it. Good luck and be careful with who you tell.

  • Go to planned parenthood they can council you on how to handle this. They will help you work it through whether you keep it or not.

  • When a brother and sister have s** and he gets her pregnant, it is up to them and not planned parenthood how to handle it. planned parenthood will always preach abortion which the brother and sister many not want. They may want to keep the baby.

  • Yeah, how did u two even start messing around with each other?

  • Wow, how did it happened? how long you have been doing it with your brother? why your brother, that's messed up. keep the baby, i have heard this before and the babies turned out fine.

  • Story of sister having a baby by bro

  • It's not messed up. My brother and I have been doing it for 8 years and I want his baby

  • I,ve been in a relationship with my sister linda most of my adult life, we have had 3 perfectly normal children. she's my first and only lover

  • I hope everything is going fine with the two of you

  • So you were 8 and 9

  • Keep the baby and keep seeing each other

  • Lorna i been having s** dad 5brothers for years i am pregnant by tthem for the third time other skids normal but iam notsure whitch brothers is the dad or if my dad is the dad they say its wrong but ilike having s** with them because thier all relly big dont want f*** onyone ealse

  • Baby will die before 6 for sure

  • Imy dad oldest daughter have3 brothers iam20years old just married at party my husband caught me after ihad just had s** with dad and3 brothers i became pregnant but father was not my husband but brothers or my dad .husband infertile he now turns a bilnd eye to my sexual relation ship with my brothers and dad and raises the child as his ownplus dad andbrothers give 1000 dollar a week so he agreeds to my sexual relation with dad and brothers as longistill give him s**

  • Pregnant after been gangbagned by 6brothers and dad at family party it was consensual how do i find witch ones the father

  • Don't forget neighbors dog, he had you too

  • I hope issa joke

  • Iam 19 got caught f****** my dads great dane dog by my dad 3 brothers they said if i did not f*** them all they would relase photos of me f****** dog now im preg nant to dad or brothers what do i do

  • Enjoy your litter.

  • Have the baby and stick to the Great Dane

  • My s*** wife got f***** by her 3brothers and dad at party now she pregnant to one of them not my dna

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