My Brother's Baby

So I recently found out that I'm pregnant with my older brother's baby. I should also say that I'm 16 and he's 17. It was also 100% consensual. I don't want to get an abortion, but I'm afraid of what everyone will think if they find out that my BROTHER and I had s**. Please help?

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  • Honey, my sister and I had to deal with the same issue. We had been having s** for months when she discovered she was pregnant with our child. We were very scared and happy at the same time, as my sister and I love each other very much.
    If you two plan things out you can raise this child, but unfortunately the child must never know your brother is the father. He will just have to fill the uncle role, and support you and the baby.
    My sister gave birth to our son in October, and we both marvel at this beautiful life we created from our love.

  • My parents are half siblings and they love each other more than anyone else in the world. As long as you two don't have some sort of disease that runs in your family, the baby will turn out fine. Of course, people will look at it distastefully. I've heard a lot of horrible things about incest and retarded children as a result, but it doesn't affect me. I know I'm a smart, capable individual despite my parent's relation to each other. There are lots of misconceptions on it, but if you get a genetic counselor, they will most likely tell you to go for it. Good luck and be careful with who you tell.

  • Go to planned parenthood they can council you on how to handle this. They will help you work it through whether you keep it or not.

  • Yeah, how did u two even start messing around with each other?

  • Wow, how did it happened? how long you have been doing it with your brother? why your brother, that's messed up. keep the baby, i have heard this before and the babies turned out fine.

  • It's not messed up. My brother and I have been doing it for 8 years and I want his baby

  • Keep the baby and keep seeing each other

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