Abuse 20 years..

My husband and so called best friend of 20 years abuses me all the time. I have health problems that no one would want. I have a heart problem as well. He has a controlling horrid family. He has abused me in everyway you can imagine. Physical, Mental everything. Today he called me a w****. And told me to walk it up and down the street to get the money my family needs. And I have no idea why. But that is my line. I cannot take anymore. I walked out and sat in front of my landlords until he left. That is it I refuse to take anymore. I feel stupid for that being my line but it is.


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  • 20 years of abuse...... think about it...... one day he will kick you to the curb or kill you. He is an abuser and you enable him to abuse. Take a gun and blow his head off next time he lays a beating on ya. You have the right to self preservation.

  • Thank you both so much for caring, it does mean alot.


  • Abuse is abuse. Love isn't supposed to hurt or make you feel bad. 1st its important to get some sort of counseling for yourself. 2nd, if and when you are ready...you can leave him.

  • Talk to him about it or try therapy if that doesn't work then divorce him , at least. that way you can start a new chapter in your life

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