Future Cheater

I have a guy friend at home who is almost like a boyfriend to me because we talk everyday, flirt, kiss, have s**, etc. I'm currently at school and a super hot guy took an interest in me and we fooled around a little bit. I felt super guilty about it, but eventually got over my guilt. I'm taking summer classes and this super hot guy is too. I'm worried when I'm home my almost boyfriend is going to want to make our relationship "official." If that happens and the opportunity to have s** with mega hottie comes up, I'll have no problem cheating on him. I never thought I could allow myself to be a cheater, but I think there's a strong possibility of it happening.

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  • Whoreee

  • Pot,kettle,black :)

  • Or, you could tell the guy at home you're f*** buddies. The truth, huh.

  • W****

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