I don't understand.

Today is the first day in two weeks I haven't heard from him- indeed, the first day I haven't spent a good part of the day talking/texting/emailing with him- and he used to start it. What happened?

He said he wanted to kiss me, that we'd catch up for coffee or "we" would sneak off for the day and he'd take me up into the hills for a spin in his car and for lunch.

It shouldn't be driving me insane like this. It's only a day, although he was distant yesterday as well.

The bad thing is that I want to get absolutely blind drunk tonight, drink until I pass out. Unfortunately, my health isn't good and to drink like that would put me in hospital.

F***. We're not in a relationship; we became friends quickly and recently. There are other men around. Why the h*** do I even care?

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