60 yo and doing cocaine again

I have never been an addictive type. I'm never got into anything heavy in my youth, even in college. Never liked pot, but did for a time, 15-20 yrs ago, got into cocaine. Couldn't always afford it so never got crazy. I like to drink socially and sometime cant cut if off ...so drunk. I don't think it's impacted on my work. Many of my clients love to drink so I'm social and like to take them out (pre-pandemic). Never had a DUI (but probably should have) I'm active. Fit. Recently I reconnected with a buddy and he offered me coke if I was interested. I took him up on it. It's a bad idea but I have it now and slowly, can't stop dipping into it. Recently noticed it's made me slow down during the day. I may need advise. May need a friend. I'm too old for this s*** but also, not.

Jan 20

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  • I like it, only using again in last year after not touching it for years and years. Nearing 60 and still having fun! My use hasn't crept up so that's lucky.

  • You female do u like tofurkey on coke

  • Who give a s***? this site is for moms dop head

  • No, you bleeding, drooling moron. That "MommyPosts.com" icon you keep seeing repeatedly is just an advertisement and link for an entirely separate site. THIS is "Confession Post.com", so his "confession" is entirely fitting and appropriate to the venue and its purpose. See how it works? Sadly for you, there is no RetardsAnonymous.com site. {😣(smh)😣}

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