60 yo and doing cocaine again

I have never been an addictive type. I'm never got into anything heavy in my youth, even in college. Never liked pot, but did for a time, 15-20 yrs ago, got into cocaine. Couldn't always afford it so never got crazy. I like to drink socially and sometime cant cut if off ...so drunk. I don't think it's impacted on my work. Many of my clients love to drink so I'm social and like to take them out (pre-pandemic). Never had a DUI (but probably should have) I'm active. Fit. Recently I reconnected with a buddy and he offered me coke if I was interested. I took him up on it. It's a bad idea but I have it now and slowly, can't stop dipping into it. Recently noticed it's made me slow down during the day. I may need advise. May need a friend. I'm too old for this ** but also, not.

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  • I like it, only using again in last year after not touching it for years and years. Nearing 60 and still having fun! My use hasn't crept up so that's lucky.

  • You female do u like tofurkey on coke

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