I was abused by my uncle when i was 6

This is not a made up story. This is a dark secret part of my life that is buried deep inside me. No one knows about it not even my husband. I am 21 years old, i grew up in a big house which was shared by our family and my uncle who was single. He would babysit me several times during the week because my parents were always working. They though he was a great guy who loved their daughter very much. I always felt like he loved me, he would bring me candy and toys, and played hide and seek with me. But he would also touch my v***** and rub his hands all over my body whenever he could. he called it play time and told me it was our little secret fun time and i was not allowed to talk about this. He would pick me up in his arms and rub his p**** against my v*****. I used to get very scared, and I would tell him to stop, But he wouldnt listen to me, i started feeling strange tingling feelings i did not know those were called o****** but he would molest me almost every day, i accepted it as a part of my life and i stopped resisting. When i turned 9 he tried to have s** with me but stopped because he couldnt get in, it was very painful and i remember i was crying and begging him to just touch me and not hurt me. We used to visit my cousin who was 11 and I told her how touching your v***** feels good, we used to touch eachother in bed whenever we slept together. I became very sexual and masturbated all the time. It was always followed by shame and depression. It stopped when we moved away when i was 12 but the memories never stopped haunting me, i had nightmares. I am 21 now i havent seen my uncle in years, but i hate him for ruining my childhood. I hope this never to anyone! Parents please dont trust anyone alone around your kids.

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  • My uncle begin molesting me when I was five. He would come for me on weekends for what mom called sleepovers and he would spend the weekend sucking my p**** and c****** in my mouth. By the time I was six I was enjoying what he would do. Especially with his tongue. He would pose me in my panties or naked and take photos of me.

  • Your uncle belongs in jail!
    Only when this guy is behind bars can the healing begin. It's going to be tough to get this all out there, but every day will get easier and you'll be able to move on to a happier life and s** life.

  • What if the uncle is dead already?

  • I was raped by my uncle when I was 9 years old, I'm 15 now and I still remember exactly what happened. I know how you feel, and I hope you'll forget it one day.

  • Idiot uncle

  • You were a victim then but you are a survivor now. There are many options available for help. If you're not ready to talk to someone face to face then look online. You need someone to talk to about this. The longer you keep it inside the more it will eat your insides up like poison. You deserve better than that. Please get help.

  • You, my honey.you need help,please seek it right away.do not wait until it gets the best of you.please seek help while you still can.

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