That I wish sometimes that my husband would ask for a divorce because I feel he doesn't love me anymore since I've caught him texting and emailing girls inappropriate things.

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  • For sure he is not respecting you , you must ask for a divorce , that will force him to seek council and straighten up or live right , s** is everywhere and easy to get , if he does this in front of you , then he has no respect for you , if he is so stupid as the think he will never be caught then you married a complete idiot and he is a loser . A good man loves only his wife , it is Ok to read but not flirt or do stupid things . Women must stop this insanity and it is the same thing for a woman , he must tell the truth to you if he does not then it shows he does not love you , he is looking for another woman it is that simple , he wants to have an affair or get extra p**** . You must accept the truth or suffer in the future , s** is not love , s** is s** , if he loves you he will find other ways to vent himself , projects or what ever . Does he want a wife or a w**** / Women also cheat every day nowadays , it is extremely easy to cheat , that is one reasons marriages do not last , men are stupid, you need maturity and intelligence and respect , turn his energy into loving you , cleaning house , or doing something productive .

  • I imagine this hurts, that you feel betrayed because you can't help but worry about the possibilities of if he has gone further or if he even loves you. Yes, men do some really stupid things (women too). I know any of the things I have done stupidly in my marriage were driven by a gap in the relationship.

    But as you sit there you need to answer somethings to yourself. Do you still love him? If there are gaps in your marriage, can you work together to correct it? Can you truly work past these things with him? If no for those, then you need to not passively wish he would ask you for a divorce but simply take action and do it on your own.

  • You have to understand... men do these things because of themselves. It is most likely not a reflection of your relationship and it is not a reflection of you. It's most likly just higher levels of testosterone.

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