I'm so unhappy.

Im unhappy. A few weeks ago I was in heaven. Now, I feel depressed. I finally am with a guy who I knew growing up. Were very very close. But yesterday I noticed are relationship is nothing,NOTHING, like it was when we first started dateing. We talked through text and skype. We were so close and lovey. He wanted to kiss me and hold me every little sec. But now that we live together,it's turned into just a freinship kind of relationship. I have to ask and beg for him to hold me, I have to take his hand if I want to hold. Ask for kisses. He's picked the tv,books,ps3 over me.I love him so much. But I don't feel loved.
We live in hotels. F****** run down shady hotels his aunt is paying for while he goes to school. We made so many plans to live together in a nice apartment in Orlando, but he didnt get his money like we thought. He promised me everything is going to be fine,that if he didn't get the money he would do everything possible to get a loan so we can move.Is that bad of me for holding it against him,that he broke his promise to me. That were living in a hotel out of suit cases and a storage bin??
He talks to these girls that he says he is just friends with. But two are his ex. I get so jelouse when he's texting them. When he talks to them on facebook he won't let me see the screen. I've seen him tell one he loves her. God that killed me. He says he won't cheat, but about year ago we sexted while he was with someone else. I can't get that out of my mind, how he said that sexting is'nt cheating. Yes. It is. I'm unhappy. I have no money to just go for a drive like I used to do when I needed time to think. My money has turned into ARE money. But his money,it's still HIS. I just want him to show me love and attention. Like right now, Im siting on the floor at his aunt's he's on the couch talking to someone on facebook and texting. It's been about 30 mins since we got here and he's yet to say anything to me. What do I do?? Please help.


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  • How big is his c***

  • Keep your money to yourself. What you earn is yours. If you have the option to go back home, then go. Don't look back, just go. You will be much better off and so much happier. This guy you're with is blatantly cheating on you. And if he hasn't yet, he will. You deserve more. Don't believe his promises, he's just not there yet to stand up and be a man and deliver. Time to put yourself first and look out for your own best interests. LEAVE.

  • Truthfully i think u shud walk away. its clear u love him but if hes more interested in chatting to his exs than u, u shud be hearing alarm bells

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