My friends dad is a cop

My friends dad is a cop and he has been texting me and asking me to come over and rub his back. What should I do? I am of legal age.....

Aug 31, 2014

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  • Omg like totally go for it!!!! It's not creepy or inappropriate AT ALL, and cops never ever abuse their power. Just a Disney fairy tale waiting to happen! Yay!


  • I would not get involved , sounds creepy tell your friend or better yet show your friend and say why is your dad teeing me to rub his back and see what
    she says .. if you don't have boundaries for yourself then no one will respect you .

  • There will be some people who will say it's just s**, you're young, have fun and age doesn't matter. There can be a lot of truth to that. The fact that you're asking what you should do, there's hesitation and rightfully so. It's not some single older guy hitting on you. This is your friend's dad, so there are some things to consider here, like your friendship. What happens if it doesn't work out with him? You want more, he doesn't..or he does and you don't..If you're mature enough to handle what happens the next day..go for it. Will it be uncomfortable if things don't work out and you go over to your friend's place. You won't be able to talk to her about this. Who wants to hear about their friend f****** their dad? Ugh! And if you keep it a secret..bye bye friendship. And if you go public..bye bye friendship. Cause she certainly won't want to hear about that. It's easy for others to say go for it, because it's not them that has to deal with any's you. So if you're friendship doesn't matter, sure go and give the guy a back rub. Or if you want to play devil's advocate...Would you be cool if your dad texted your friend and said come over and rub his back? Would you encourage it?

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