Too Loud I Guess!

My fiancé and I have been together for almost three years, and have been engaged for 5 months. We thought it would be a good idea to move in together now, a month before the wedding, so afterwords it won't be as hectic. We got everything moved in, the wall painted, and all the other nesting thing necessary. It's a nice apartment in a great neighborhood.

Here's where it get embarrassing. Ever since he proposed, and we've made our relationship "official", we just can't keep our hands off each other. As an adult now I can say we're having s** A LOT more than we used to. And great s**, at that. But it's at least once a week now. So as usual, the night we moved into the apartment, we were drinking on the deck and he just swept me up into the bedroom. Oh my gosh we had beyond amazing s**. It was truly the best s** I had ever had. The morning comes and I went to take the garbage out, and I see one neighbor next door give me a funny look. I didn't really connect the dots then, though. Just when I got back and saw the note on the door saying,
"Dear new neighbors,
Were happy for you being together, but screaming in the middle of the night is frowned upon, and there are quite a lot of children on this floor level. So please try to stay a bit quieter. Thank you! - room 64C"

No joke we were embarrassed to show our faces for a week. *_* yikes.

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  • Similar thing happened when we moved into our first apartment. However, it was the lesbian couple next door that stopped us and told us that they could hear everything and that she wished someone would f*** her like that. lol!! We were embarrassed as well...

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