Sorry, but I'm happy.

I never get a chance to say it. I'm happy. Nobody wants to hear it. People can drone on for hours about how miserable their life is and others listen and nod their heads. I try to mention that I am a actually happy with my life and my wife and they just roll their eyes and say "well, good for you" in sarcastic tones. I hate that I can't just tell everyone that I love my wife of 27 years more each day and my children are wonderful. I'm not rich, I don't have money, I don't have fancy things to show off. But I have everything I really need. So suck it, world. Swim in your misery if you choose, but I'm happy. There. That felt really good.

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  • Maybe you should look at what makes your wife happy. I bet its more than just you. Anyone can be happy with blind trust and knowing.

  • I don't know. You seem awfully insecure in your happiness. Like you need some sort of validation. But f*** it. Be happy and be happy with that.

  • Ah, that's truly awesome. Tell your wife and kids how you feel often too :-)

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